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BACFO herbal drugs for cancer, AIDS in phase II

EPP News Bureau – New Delhi

THE New Delhi-based BACFO Pharmaceuticals is understood to be working on a few herbal preparations to address AIDS and cancer. Sources in BACFO informed Express Pharma Pulse that there are several products for which simultaneous trials are going on and currently these are in phase II.

However, the company was reluctant to reveal further details citing that this will adversely affect their market prospects.

BACFO is at present promoting its immune booster drug Immunocare for conjuctivitis. In a study conducted by Dr N R Biswas, additional professor of Ocular Pharmacology, AIIMS, it is found that Immunocare in combination with Ofloxacin gives better results in conjuctivitis and cornial ulcers.

This study is selected for presentation at the 9th South East Asian Western Pacific Regional Meeting of Pharmacologists to be held in Busan, Korea, during August 19-23, 2003.

Dr Biswas stated at a press conference to unveil the study, “With combined treatment of Ofloxacin and Immunocare the response is quicker”. This is better tolerated than Ofloxacin alone in patients with conjuctivitis and corneal ulcer. Arun Chauhan, MD, BACFO, said, Immunocare formulated after extensive research contains herbs that have rejuvenating characteristics. It boosts the immune system and strengthens the vital defensive systems of the body.

In the double masked, parallel comparative, randomised controlled clinical trial, half the group was given placebo+Ofloxacin and the other half Immunocare +Ofloxacin. Of the 100 patients enrolled, only 80 patients completed the study. Out of 80 patients 28 were chronic conjunctivitis groups, 38 in acute conjuctivitis group and 14 were in corneal ulcer group.

Both Ofloxacin alone and in combination with Immunocare produced ulcer healing and healing of associated lesions like lid oedema, discharge, congestion etc., in corneal ulcer cases and reduced pain, watering, itching, burning, foreign body sensation and irritation in cases of acute and chronic conjunctivitis.

The combination of Ofloxacin with Immunocare produced quicker healing on all these parameters as compared to Ofloxacin alone and these differences were statistically significant in some though not in all parameters. The results obtained support the anticipated additional benefit from combined therapy with Ofloxacin and Immunocare in terms of increase in efficacy and faster recovery.