In Spanish pursuits

In Spanish pursuits

Elder Pharmaceuticals has recently entered into an alliance with Laboratorios Farmaceuticos Rovi, SA of Spain to market advanced heparins (anti-thrombotics) in India. Alok Saxena, Director International, Elder Pharmaceuticals speaks on the development.

2007043013-3359676What are the factors that influenced your alliance with Laboratorios Farmaceuticos Rovi?

Rovi is a mid sized Spanish company which is a research based organisation. It has a pipeline of products, which is quite interesting from our perspective.

How will Elder benefit from this alliance?

Due to this licensing deal, Elder would be in a position to launch new products from Rovi in India subsequent to the launch of HIBOR. New products are the primary vehicles for growth of the company and by getting new research based products, Elder will definitely benefit.

What potential does the thrombo-embolic disease segment hold in India?

Venous thrombo-embolism and pulmonary embolism are recognised as major global healthcare concerns. In India too, the incidence is high to around one percent of the population over the age of 40, 15-20 percent of the hospitalised patients, 50 percent of the patients undergoing hip and knee surgeries and 40 percent of the patients undergoing thoracic or abdominal surgeries.

What marketing strategies are you looking forward to adopt for Bemiparin?

This is scientific product and is new. Hence the emphasis would be on providing lot of scientific information about the product to doctors, inducing them to use the product so as to get a feel of its efficacy and safety. Scientific meetings with international speakers will play a critical role in the strategy. Identification of the right target doctors so as to convert them from the first generation heparins to Bemiparin will be one of the major strategies.

What is the difference between this Bemiparin, a second-generation drug and its earlier version?

The key differentiating factor is that it has a lower molecular weight as compared to the first generation drugs which gives it better efficacy and safety than the first generation heparins.

How is the market for Bemiparin in India?

The market for low molecular weight heparins is Rs 130 crore as reported by ORG-IMS. However, this number is reported by retail pharmacies, while a lot of these products are sold directly to the hospitals and does not get reflected in the ORG-IMS. Hence the total market could be around Rs 175 to 200 crore.