Innovation for the printing industry

Innovation for the printing industry

HSAjet TCon

A passion to anticipate and exceed consumer’s expectations is what enables CONDOT to grow to win in the printing and the pharma industry and to create customer value. We direct our energies, skills, professionalism and resources to give consumers what they want in new and creative ways.

Most of all, we are passionate in our determination to embrace change, to challenge conventional thinking and to redesign and adopt our business model to meet the needs and wants of the industry. CONDOT has played an important role in the Indian printing and PI (product identification) industry, with amazing range of VDP and PI solutions. The unique feature of our VDP and PI solutions is that it uses the highly advanced HP TIJ Technology.

Again to be ahead in the industry CONDOT introduces for the Asia-Pacific and Africa region the HSAjet TCon, an Innovation in the Printing & Pharma Industry.

The HSAjet TCon (Touch Controller) is a very cost effective printing solution designed for limited printing jobs that still require a high resolution and high quality print. It is also the ideal simple printing jobs, such as pre coding, internal logistics, date documentation and in the pharmaceutical industry. The HSAjet TCon is compact and calls for a minimum amount of maintenance and is based on the HP ink cartridge.

HSAjet TCon consists of a touch screen controller unit which controls the HP stall. Here the biggest advantage is that it can edit online and can print either upto 4″ height depending on the model selected.


  • 5.7″ touch screen, 256 colour

  • TCP/IP protocol for remote control

  • External PC software to design and manage fonts and graphics

  • Menu texts can be translated to other languages

  • User login/authorisation available

  • Logging of actions


  • Unlimited number of layouts

  • Print queue which makes it simple to switch jobs

  • Up to 8 X HP pens, 4″ total height

  • 2, 7m massage length

  • Ink level overview in print mode, external alarm

  • Same speed limits as CB board

  • 512Mb++ memory card included


  • Objects: 10 graphics, 10 textual, 5 barcode

  • Variables inside objects: 10 static (text lines), five counter, five date, two shift, four system variable

  • Local settings (month/day names) available pr date object

  • Date offsets in day, month, year, time, minute

  • Prompting

  • No-buffer mode


  • Threads for mount brackets

  • Power supply auto-sense 85-240 V