Moving ahead…or just moving on?

Moving ahead…or just moving on?
The Bayh-Dole Act of 1980, upon its introduction, was responsible for a sea change in university patenting in the US. Almost three decades later a policy remodelled on the same Act is awaiting discussion and clearance in the Indian Parliament. No doubt it will unleash the innovation bottled in our research institutes, but is the time right? Aashruti Kak finds out

Towards an innovation enabling ecosystem
With the recent acceptance of the much debated Mashelkar Report, Dr Prabuddha Ganguli, CEO, VISION-IPR re-visits the issues involved and analyses whether these are steps towards an innovation enabling or “innovation-shy” ecosystem

GST to accentuate growth of Indian pharma industry
Heetesh Veera and Suresh Nair, Senior Tax Consultants with Ernst & Young, India analyse the impact of the implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on the Indian pharmaceutical industry

GLP and the Toxicologic Pathologist
How is Good Laboratory Practice applicable to the evaluation of pathology data for preclinical safety toxicities studies? Is it applicable to the peer review process? Dr. Monique Y. Wells, Toxicology/Pathology Services Inc., Houston, TX, USA and Paris, FRANCE and Dr. R. Ravikrishnan, Director – Technical Operations, RCC Laboratories India Private Limited, Hyderabad, India, discuss the philosophy of Good Laboratory Practice and its implications for the toxicologic pathologist.

Delivering more for less
With changing industry dynamics, the demand for IT solutions has increased tremendously, especially in the drug discovery area where customers have higher expectations with lower tolerance level. Dr Armaity Davierwala, Senior Consultant, Life Sciences, Persistent Systems speaks with Suja Nair on the company’s role in the life sciences sector

Indo – Africa pharma business meet
Indo-Africa Pharma Business Meet will be held from 25th-27th September 2009, at Hotel Marriot, Hyderabad as Africa Brand building project of the Government of India

LabVantage acquires SQL* LIMS® of Life Technologies Corp
TCG Lifesciences has strengthened its informatics business unit, LabVantage Solutions with the acquisition of the SQL*LIMS business from Applied Biosystems, a part of Life Technologies Corporation.

Advion BioSystems, Waters collaborate
Advion BioSystems (Advion) and Waters Corporation jointly announced at the recent 18th International Mass Spectrometry Conference (IMSC) that Advion’s TriVersa NanoMate® chip-based nanoelectrospray ionisation system is now compatible with the full range of Waters® mass spectrometry (MS) systems including the newest Xevo™ and SYNAPT™ G2 systems

Malvern adds to INFORM series of white papers
The latest addition to Malvern Instruments’ INFORM series of white papers, which are designed to provide advice on material characterisation issues, is ‘10 ways to control rheology by changing particle properties’

MakroCare launches GCP Helpdesk
In the modern era it is important that the quality of every product should be taken care before it hits the market. This is more so when it comes to clinical trials, as this is a very extensive and complex process