NICB acquires Ocimum\’s Biotracker LIMS

Ocimum Biosolutions, a leading provider of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and bioinformatics solutions, announced that the National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology (NICB), Dublin City University (DCU) has acquired their Biotracker LIMS solution to provide a centralised, secure, privilege driven access to researchers working in the gene expression and proteomics groups at DCU.

This centralised database would assist researchers to track samples, growth conditions, clinical history, extraction information, isolated RNA and/or cell fraction details. Biotracker would also provide connectivity to existing databases at DCU, in a secure archival format with scope for future data mining. The implementation partner for Ocimum is Science Partners Ltd, UK.

NICB was searching for a LIMS that would allow a high degree of traceability in their research work. After evaluating many different LIMS systems, the NICB decided that Biotracker LIMS offers researchers unparalleled flexibility throughout its feature rich components.

Dr Padraig Doolan said, “We at NICB, are delighted to be working with Ocimum and Science-Partners and are looking forward to the integration of the Biotracker LIMS at our facility in Dublin City University. NICB sees that Biotracker is clearly a robust quality LIMS, designed very much with the end-user in mind. It will play an integral role in linking the state-of-the-art research facilities within the NICB, thus contributing enormously to the acclaimed multiple core research being carried out here. Biotracker will also provide an important advantage in tracking and managing a diverse variety of data sets, which will not only benefit ourselves, but also our high profile industrial collaborations with companies such as Wyeth BioPharma.”

Anuradha Acharya, CEO, Ocimum Biosolutions said, “We have created a flexible and configurable LIMS to suit workflows by different labs. Our extensive sample management modules, search modules with an easy to use interface make it easy for us to develop custom modules in a short time. This customized solution is a comprehensive laboratory information and knowledge management database tailor made to address DCU requirements.”