Pharma industry’s new growth mantra: Technology investments

Pharma industry’s new growth mantra: Technology investments
The rapid changes in regulatory and global market equations have compelled the pharmaceutical industry to explore newer technological avenues to cut cost and time, ensure operational efficiency, adopt world-class standards and to work out innovative strategies to peg up the bottomline, finds Jayashree Padmini

Indian pharma industry: Ahead in adopting technological advancements
Indian organisations have to undertake value added exercises to make its mark in the pharmaceutical business, feels J Ramnivas

Emerging technology and trends in Indian pharma industry
An emerging trend in the pharmaceutical industry is manufacturing and sterility testing under isolators

Managing maverick spending in pharma companies
Though India is at a nascent stage of Spend Management adoption, with the rapid advancements and growing challenges in businesses, companies are soon expected to adopt a singular streamlined approach to identify spends and make way for operational efficiency and improved margins, avers Arun Kharbanda

A reliable solution to check tablet weight variation
Auto Weight Controller is an electro-mechanical system that derives its decision-making data from the statistical process control outputs making it the most reliable solution for determining weight variation

Validation vows of a drug manufacture
Presently, the auditors tend to overdo the process of validation much to the discomfort of the industry, says G B Sastry

Isolation technology for small volume parentals
Today, isolators are a proven and reliable technology which, compared to conventional cleanroom technology, give the users a lot of benefits, believe Dr A K Singal and Narendra Prasad

Process validation: An evidence of quality production
Process validation is a documental evidence that a specific process will consistently produce a product that meets its predetermined specification and quality characteristics, says Prof. (Dr) Biswanath S A

EPC/RFID to eliminate counterfeit menace
The US FDA has recommended RFID as the best way to thwart illegal drug trafficking and several states including Florida and California have passed laws requiring pharmaceutical companies to track drug shipments as they move through the supply chain

Enertech launches CFM for hassle-free formulation dispensing
City-based Enertech Electronics Pvt Ltd has launched computerised formulation makers (CFM) for hassle-free quality control checks.

SmartPartnering in engineering business
The Indian engineering industry is making waves across the globe these days. Manufacturing segments for the first time recorded better growth this year over service sector.

A new era in HPLC detection
ESA Inc, a US-based leading manufacturer of innovative analytical instruments, has announced a major breakthrough in HPLC technology: the Corona Charged Aerosol Detector.