Pharma Research Confluence: The Opportunities Ahead

Pharma Research Confluence: The Opportunities Ahead

The Rs 20,000 crore plus Indian Pharma Industry is all set to see a paradigm shift in its manner of operation with just a few months for the 2005-patent regime. Post-WTO and over a decade of the transition period, companies across the board have been preparing for a new innings of sorts, in a changed global environment.

l-prc-pic3-9910310Even as the nation’s strengths in its so-called reverse engineering or synthetic chemistry are acknowledged the world over, pharma research in the NCE related discovery programmes have begun in right earnest in at least a dozen Indian pharma companies. While these skills have been sufficiently advanced, the ability to optimise these leads, for lack of indigenous biological profiling expertise may yet require some upgrading.

Nevertheless, ample opportunities present themselves for both Indian researchers and companies in a licensing model. These encompass a wide spectrum of research activities from pre-clinical research for in-house or contract research projects from synthetic chemistry leads to herbal leads, biological screenings, pre-clinical toxicological experiments, formulation development and drug delivery systems to bio-availability and bio-equivalence studies.

Clinical research for trials in all three phases is a key growth area for reliable outsourcing and partnership. This is by virtue of India’s vastly diverse ethnic patient base. With this, an entire gamut of clinical research activities and services open up for scientifically qualified personnel from pure science, the biological sciences, pharmacy and medicine.

Taking these into perspective, Express Pharma Pulse, India’s leading publication for the industry is organising Pharma Research Confluence, a unique platform focusing on the key trends, vital issues and emerging opportunities facing the Clinical and Pre-Clinical segments today. The confluence will offer a bird’s eye view of the industry’s achievements from both an Indian and international perspective and showcase the spectrum of activities in drug development.

Being held between February 24-27, 2005, at the Bandra Kurla Commercial Complex, Mumbai, Pharma Research Confluence offers a valuable exchange of insights, case studies and learnings for all in attendance. What follows are the salient features of the event.

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