Centrifugal pumps for sanitary applications

Swagelok’s centrifugal-model pumps are applicable to a broad range of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, food, dairy, and beverage products. Wetted parts are electro polished 316 stainless steel and all models offer easy cleaning in place (CIP) without disassembly. Swagelok’s centrifugal pumps are also 3A sanitary compliant. Centrifugal models offer flow rates up to 750 gal/min (2835 L/min) and head pressures up to 315 feet (94 m), 136 psig (9.5 bar).

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FEI Quanta 200 ESEM with EDS

Quanta SEM enables researchers to collect morphological and accurate compositional data from uncoated/unprepared samples for particle habit and drug/excipient homogeneity studies. Dynamic phenomena can be studied in-situ while varying the relative humidity for hydration/dehydration experiments, or the temperature for examining melting/solidification behaviour.

Quanta is designed to meet the requirements of the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulation for electronic records, giving researchers the assurance that the integrity of their data is fully protected. The installation of the Quanta is supported by IQ/OQ documentation.

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