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Workshops on Bioinformatics, Environmental Biotechnology at SIES

EPP News Bureau – Mumbai

The South Indian Education Society (SIES), Mumbai is conducting workshops, organised by Indian Institute of Environment Management, on “Bioinformatics and Drug Design” and “Emerging Trends in Environmental Biotechnology” on April 1-2 and March 10-12 2005 respectively.

The two-day workshop on “Bioinformatics and Drug Design” will focus on the current trends in the field of bioinformatics and its applications in areas such as computer aided drug design, sequence analysis techniques and diagnostics.

Themes of the workshop include — Conventional drug design; Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD); Genomics and Diagnostics; Molecular modelling; Structural bioinformatics; Case studies.

The workshop on “Emerging Trends in Environmental Biotechnology” will provide a platform for the articulation of views and motivate an interest in environmental biotechnology as a competitive, interdisciplinary, professional academic programme, the officials informed here.

Themes include -Envir-onmental Biotechnology; Biomethanation, bioleaching, biopulping; Novel bioprocesses; Green product development; Bioenergy and biofuels; GHG emissions (Kyoto protocol); Bioinformatics; Case studies.

For details contact: Prof H Veeramani Phone: (022) 27708362