Attack of the clones

Attack of the clones
The problem of counterfeits is plaguing the Indian pharmaceutical industry. As companies gear up to reduce the damages, we look at Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology on mobile phones running a SAP application, which the Indian pharmaceutical sector can effectively deploy to reduce counterfeiting, says Vinutha V

Comparing patent systems
Nick Burrows discusses the similarities and disparities between the patent systems of India with that of Europe

OTC – The Final Frontier
The concept of self-medication is becoming increasingly popular in India and it will soon become a major contributor to the world OTC market. Susan Josi explores the opportunities for thisprescription to OTC switch in India

Streamlining Processes
By implementing i2’s production planning solution, pharma major Nicholas Piramal India has been able to reduce raw material inventories by 35 percent and increase customer response times