Ayurlife launches herbal medicine for ED

Ayurlife launches herbal medicine for ED

EPP News Bureau – Chennai

The Chennai-based Ayurlife, an Indian medicinal research outfit of the Indian Anti-Ageing Research Foundation (IARF), has announced the discovery of Arousil Creme, a new herbal medicine for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) in adult men.

The medicine is the outcome of five years of research on interpreting different pharmacological documentations of herbal ingredients in the ancient south Indian scriptures, arousil creme is a topical herbal creme containing derived and specially processed natural extracts recorded for their efficacy and safety for centuries, Ayurlife claims. The company has already applied for patent protection.

Available in a characteristic dark brown colour liquid, Arousil Creme contains extracts like derived and specially processed from cymbopogon flexousus one per cent, piper nigrum three per cent in a creme base.

The unique advantages of arousil creme is that it is a herbal product for external application with no side effects on either the cardio-vascular or the endocrine system. It can be sold in both ethical and OTC markets without prescriptions and the product can be advertised in mass media,” says Dr K V Murali, head of Ayurlife and who is also the founder – director of IARF.

The product has been approved and licensed for both manufacturing and marketing. It has been tried in various clinics and specialists in the past two years. However, a thorough, organised clinical trial including toxicology studies was completed only last month by a leading Mumbai-based hospital and research institution, which found the product to be safe and effective.

The trial evaluated clinical efficacy of Arousil creme in a trial involving 100 patients for single and double blind comparative studies. The study reports, “With the availability of newer drugs with more potency but equal danger of exposure to adverse effects we feel that medication like Arousil Creme be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction as safety margins are higher as well as significant efficacy levels.”

Dr Murali believes that Arousil Creme is India’s true answer to Viagra and can garner a substantial share in the world market for erectile dysfunction products. “Arousil requires just 20 minutes to start acting, which in the case of Viagra is one hour. Viagra carries serious side effects in the cardio-vascular system. However, Arousil Creme has none, as it is an external application with safe herbal ingredients and is locally acting,” Dr Murali explains.

IARF is focusing mainly on research with its scientists working in the research facilities in Chennai and Pondicherry. The company is planning to collaborate with leading pharmaceutical and FMCG companies for manufacturing and marketing.

IARF has been engaged in research to find the herbal ingredients for close to five years. “Though some its ingredients are widely known, Aurosil Creme is an original product which is produced with an unique technology in cultivation and technical processing,” Dr Murali claims.

He says that some of the rare herbs for the manufacturing of Aurosil Creme are procurable in the Kolli hill regions of South India.

Dr Murali said it took five years of research. “We started off with the firm belief in India’s ancient wisdom of life sciences that found its expression in vedas and several ancient palm-leaf scriptures that deal with medicinal properties of several natural extracts,” he says.

According to him, India has the longest history of anti-ageing and sexual medicine, which dates back to 3000 BC. The world’s first sexual temple depicting erotic postures of man-women union was constructed at Khajuraho and even the world’s first medical treatise on sexology – the kamasutra of saint Vathsyayana – was first written in India. Tantra and Vajroli were evolved as sciences to convert the sexual energy into spiritual energy. The ancient Tamil scriptures, which he has extensively studied have revealed amazing sexual and anti-ageing medicinal possibilities. IARF has a good collection of such referential literature.

IARF and Ayurlife are into research of life extension, cure for obesity, allergy and asthma and hypertension through ayurveda.