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Ban all liver extract formulations: CERC

EPP News Bureau – Mumbai

The government of India should be able to ban the use of liver extracts from all formulations completely, demands Consumer Education & Research Centre (CERC).

The Ahmedabad-based consumer movement stated in a press release that Merck’s decision to remove liver extract from its Livogen could well act as an eye opener for the authorities in this regard.

Earlier liver extract was removed from Merck’s Livogen tablets. Livogen tablet contains only iron and folic acid. Merck had purchased Livogen brand from Glaxo for Rs 8 crores.

Livogen is a major brand in thew haematinics segment with a sales of around 10 crore. The other liver preparations still available in the Indian market, in combination with vitamins like B12, folic acid and minerals like iron and zinc. Ibberol(Abbots), Plastules (Wyeth), Hepatoglobine (Raptacus), RB Tone of Hedler etc are a few examples.

‘‘Liver preparations have no place in modern therapy. They are unsafe and irrational. Besides, mammalian liver extracts carry a serious risk of transmitting infections from animals to humans, like mad cow disease BSE,’’ informed Dr C J Shishoo, CERC.

According to him, mammalian liver preparations were prescribed before the development of folic acid and Vitamin B12 in pure form, since then there is no mention of any liver preparation in any pharmocoepia or for that matter any standard medical text book. Liver preparations were official in BP 1948, USP XV, 1955, and IP, 1966. No other country in the world seems allowing its use.

Being unsafe and with no justification in therapy, CERC for the last one year has been urging government to withdraw all liver preparations from the market, the statement said.