“Bio-Rad provides best technology in the most cost-effective manner”

“Bio-Rad provides best technology in the most cost-effective manner”

Bio-Rad Laboratories, a well-known name in diagnostic technologies, recently launched the Bio-Rad ProteoMiner Protein Enrichment Kit. Dhiren Wagle, Country Manager Bio-Rad Laboratories, reveals more to Sachin Jagdale

What are the highlights of the Bio-Rad ProteoMiner Protein Enrichment kit?

This is a novel, powerful technology with the ability to eliminate the protein dynamic range problem present in complex biological samples, such as serum or plasma. This is accomplished through the use of a combinatorial library of hexapeptides bound to chromatographic beads. As a complex biological sample is added to the beads, proteins bind to their specific affinity ligands, high-abundance proteins saturate their specific ligands and excess protein is washed away. In contrast, medium and low abundance proteins continue to bind to their ligands and, are therefore, enriched during the process. The result is a reduction in the dynamic range, which allows for the detection of medium- and low-abundance proteins. Until now, the only solution to the dynamic range problem has been the use of immunodepletion products.

The ProteoMiner technology is different from and superior to any immunodepletion products on the market; it is not limited by a predefined set of antibodies and not only reduces high-abundance proteins, but has the ability to enrich medium and low abundance proteins in biological samples. This technology is a patented technology.

What are the diseases that could be tested with this kit? How is this kit better than other kits in the same category?

This kit is not used for (disease) diagnosis, it is used only for life sciences research that helps to stay one step ahead in diagnostic research.

This kit decreases the amount of high-abundance proteins without depletion, prevents the loss of proteins bound to high-abundance proteins, which are inadvertently lost with depletion products. It enriches and concentrates low-abundance proteins that cannot be detected through current methods such as immunodepletion. The kit will be used to reduce the dynamic range of the protein concentration in a variety of biological fluids.

This kit uses hexapeptide library with great diversity, therefore, is not limited by the availability of suitable antibodies as are other depletion products. Crucial benefit of this kit is that large sample amounts can be loaded, increasing chances of capturing low-abundance proteins and resulting in larger protein yields following elution. It is compatible with all downstream protein analysis techniques. It also has a simple kit format, therefore no expertise or external training is required.

Who are your clients and what will be your pricing strategy for this product for Indian customers?

All research laboratories, academic institutes, research institutes, pharma R&D, CRO labs engaged in proteomics research are our clients. Bio-Rad always believes in working towards the success of researchers and tries to make available the best technology in the most cost-effective manner.