Case Study

Case Study

Drink to success

Dabur India, recently launched Chywan Junior, and marked its entry into the malted food, drinks segment. Garima Arora charts the marketing initiatives behind the product

Most marketing managers approach the area of brand extensions with utmost caution and prudence. However, Dabur, has been one of the few brands that has not shied away from trying this some what risky marketing tool with extraordinary results. Latest from the Dabur stable is Chyawan Junior, an extension of the famous Ayurvedic brand Chyawanprash. The product is pitched against established brands like Bournvita, Horlicks and Complan and is priced at par.

What the consumer wants

Today’s competitive lifestyle is leading to increased pressures on a child’s health. Effectively, health has become an enabler to achieve more out of life. Dabur found out that to achieve this state of vitality, age-old remedies are increasingly becoming more popular with mothers in urban India. Kids, however, want tastier products in convenient formats. This increasing conflict warranted a solution, which could address the mother’s need for a nutritious MFD (Milk food drink) that is acceptable to today’s kids in terms of taste.

The solution

Thus was born Dabur Chyawan Junior, an outcome of a manufacturing processes that could align the herbal extracts of Chyawanprash with the modern granular format and ingredients such as malt and cocoa.

The marketing

Consumer learning and market insights as found by McCann Erickson revolve around the differences between a kid’s world and a mother’s world today. Amitabh Bachchan, the brand ambassador yet again is picturised as a doting grandfather, who discovers that when “mom is not at home”, kids do things their own way, which translates into “Apun Ka Style”. However, when it comes to an MFD, kids choose the great taste of Chyawan Junior, which is what their moms wanted in the first place to give the kids immunity. Bachchan completes the story with a tongue-in-cheek comment: “Yeh… Apun Ka Bhi Style Hai”

The print campaigns highlight the differences between moms’ & kids “style” today. The ad goes on to demonstrate Chyawan Junior as the meeting point of the two styles. The main objective of the ad campaign is to educate consumers on how Chyawan Junior gives immunity through the power of its Ayurvedic Ingredients. The campaign targets mothers with kids in the five-12 years age bracket. Mass media advertising is supported through direct consumer connect programs and sampling activities in Maharshtra and Kolkata where the product has been test launched. The product is available in 500g Glass Bottles, 500g Carton Packs and 100g Sachet Packs.