Chamunda Pharma Machinery

Chamunda Pharma Machinery

Chamunda Pharma Machinery offers total tabletting solutions through its single most comprehensive and innovative range of in-house designed and manufactured pharmaceutical machinery under the brand name of CM (formerly known as CLIT). The company has introduced the most advanced tablet presses, toolings, as well as special designed process equipment in the recent years.

In 1981, a team of engineers designing a tablet press had found that available tablet press technology could not meet the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of excellence in design, quality of engineering and service, delivery as per the customers’ schedule and at affordable pricing. Hence, it was decided to design and build such tablet presses that would suit the emerging needs of the pharma sector with synergic integration of technology and human potential. After successful completion of the tablet presses, Chamunda was established as a private corporation with the single goal of producing the most advanced, rugged and customised pharma machineries available globally.

The chief founders of the organisation are J J Soni (Chairman) and M P Suthar (Technical Director). The sharp business insight of Soni, technical excellence of Suthar, the dynamism of the company’s professional managers, the massive speed in execution of the project by the executives and cohesive team-work at all levels have been able to drive the company in today’s day and age.

In 1998, tremendous resources were provided to expand research and development projects to further enhance the company’s products and strengthen its place in the worldwide pharma machinery market. Backed by strong systemisation and customisation, Chamunda is one of the largest international manufacturers of tablet, as well as specially designed process equipment. The company is soaring high and striving to gear up for the global competition in quality, value for money and service. Recently, the ‘Bhartiya Udyog Ratan Award’ was presented to Group Company of Chamunda Pharma Machinery by Indian Economic Development and Research Association.

Chamunda offers worldwide support with offices located in the various parts of India and agents/representatives around the world. Its brands CLIT and CM have now become one of the most popular and widely accepted symbols of quality, reliability and service in the sector of pharmaceutical machineries across the globe, as it has 6,000 installations all over the world and presence in more than 40 countries.