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COPS addresses issue of communication gap between scientists and CPCSEA
EPP News Bureau – Mumbai

WITH a view to address the problem of lack of communication between the scientists and the Committee for the Purpose of Control & Supervision of Experimental Animals (CPCSEA) and narrowing down the perceptional differences, a one day workshop was recently held at the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (COPS), Manipal.

The workshop was sponsored by the Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) Manipal branch and was attended by representatives and experts from CPCSEA, Chennai and members of the scientific community of Manipal.

The CPCSEA delegation comprised of Venki Nayak, Dr Qadri and Giri. The welcome address was delivered by Dr RSP Rao, dean, KMC. Speaking on behalf of CPCSEA, Nayak highlighted the organisation’s functioning and its role in preventing cruelty towards animals.

Presenting the guidelines for animal experimentation, Dr Qadri strongly defended the restrictions imposed on animal experimentation stating thet very often unnecessary experiments are carried out in unscientific ways, giving little thought for the welfare of the animals. According to him most of the institutions in India where animal experiments are conducted, do not have proper animal facilities to house them.

CPCSEA, a statutory body set up by the Government of India, is instrumental in approving projects involving animal experiments. Scientists working in biological sciences have to face several restrictions imposed on them in respect to animal experimentation. They complain that research projects are kept pending for months, or even years before they are finally approved. Dr Qadri also assured the researchers that CPCSEA was not going to impose a total ban on animal experiments, suggesting use of alternative methods like cell culture and biotechnology for drug research.