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Dava Infotech launches software for chemists
Chetna Rathod – Mumbai

epp2002050202-4471563IN order to streamline the functioning of chemists and serve customers in a better and efficient manner, Dava Infotech Private Limited has launched an eRP software, DavaPlus, for smooth and error free working of the chemists.

The web-enabled windows software, Davaplus with an investment of $1 million, is an enhanced rewritten version of the previous DOS format, Pharma SYS +. The software is the brainchild of Sheela Sharma, an expert software programmer assisted by Surendra Kale who has 20 years hands on experience in pharmaceutical retail store management. It is available in two formats viz; the Lan and Barcode.

‘‘Davaplus helps handle several customers. Over 200 installations have already been made. It has also got the MSCD (Maharashtra State Chemists and Druggists) Association approval last year in June 2001,’’ informed Sanjay Gupta, director, Dava Infotech Private Limited. It is available in the districts of Mumbai, Satara, Kolhapur, Sholapur, Nasik, Jalgaon, Raigarh and Pune. Maximum installations are in Pune and Mumbai. Royal Chemist, National Chemist, Hinduja Hospital are only a few to name in Mumbai. ‘‘We want to make the software available in the whole of Asia,’’ Gupta says.

‘‘Chemists are not educated and hence not properly managed. Also there is inefficiency leading to inventory locking. Two per cent of the drugs are lost in the long supply chain,’’ sighs Gupta. He adds that manufacturers are unable to forecast. Also there is very little data available. ‘‘The ORG data is of little help as it is based on market findings,’’ he says.

Another problem according to Gupta is that there is no control over the outbound supply chain. Taking all the factors into consideration, the sole idea behind launching DavaPlus was to allow the chemists or druggists to have total control over his business in order to not only serve the customers better but also ensure cost-efficiency in the operation.

DavaPlus is available in the form of: DavaPlus Stand Alone version, DavaPlus LAN version, DavaPlus Hospital Module, and DavaPlus Bar Code Module.

‘‘Installing of the DavaPlus is the first level wherein the aim is to computerise the whole system of the outbound supply beginning from the lowest level that is the chemists. MSCD study says there is a 40 per cent increase in the efficiency level of the chemists,’’ beams Gupta. The total cost for the package is around Rs 65-75,000 with the software costing Rs 15-25,000 and the hardware around Rs 50,000. Also, Dava Infotech offers co-operative bank loan schemes for those who cannot afford to purchase it.

eBusiness portal for pharma trade: In the second level the company would be introducing a transaction portal DavaNet which is expected to be launched in this quarter. Here the purchase order would be made online. ‘‘There will be direct interaction between the distributors, manufacturers and the retailers,’’ explains Gupta. A retailer will be able to place order to the distributor automatically by connecting to the distributor through the portal. Likewise the distributor can place order on the C&Fs/ super-stockists, and the C&Fs/ super-stockists on the companies.

The benefit to retailers is that his purchase request to distributors is automatic. The electronic bill he receives directly from the distributor becomes his purchase invoice. The distributors can either reduce the number of salesmen or not have them at all as they receive the purchase request from the retailers through the portal. The purchase requests from the retailers can be processed automatically by the DavaPlus software on the distributor’s computer into his sales invoice.

The company is also carrying out various education programmes and workshops to upgrade the knowledge of the chemists. The chemists need not be a computer literate for the usage of this software as the company conducts a three day training programme on installation.

Dava Infotech Pvt Ltd is a venture of Dr Suhas Patil-the who-is-who of the Silicon Valley. It came into being with the acquisition of Esquire Computers.

Though this is just the beginning Gupta says confidently, ‘‘It wont be long when the entire pharma trading would be carried out online wiping off the middle-men.’’