East India Pharma : Committed to Quality Healthcare

East India Pharma : Committed to Quality Healthcare

The Beginning….

Brainchild of an Indian entrepreneur & visionary Late Asoke Kumar Sen, Kolkata based East India Pharmaceutical Works Limited (EIPW), one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in the country was set up on April 27, 1936.

Depending solely on national resources and talents EIPW today, is an ISO 9001:2000 certified pharmaceutical behemoth in the country with three divisions, three manufacturing facilities, a workforce of about 1500 employees and an annual turnover of more than Rs. 1000 million.

The objective behind the setting up of EIPW, was simple -to develop, through private entrepreneurship, an organization to synthesise modern drugs from basic chemicals and cater to the needs of the millions.

Since its very inception, Sri. Another visionary Late Hirendra Nath Dutt Gupta, a man with great leadership qualities, joined Sri Sen from its very inception.

Research – a key strength area

Driven by its commitment to industrial self-reliance, EIPW began its R&D activities as early as in 1938 in its own laboratory by a group of dedicated scientists.

Since then, through indigenous research, the R&D Department has made several outstanding achievements.

It started with the synthesis of Cincophen, to be followed Sulphacetamide, Niekthamide, Quiniodochlor compound (with phenol as starting material) and the use of fungi as medicinal agent – all of which were done for the first time in India.

According to the file of Patents of Independent India (1947-1966), the oldest patent was from EIPW on Sulfonamide derivative assigned on June 11, 1947.

A number of research papers, published by the R&D Department of EIPW, continue to be cited as references in the publications by other research groups globally, which is no doubt a landmark achievement.

Today, the Company is proud of its advanced R&D facility, which has been acclaimed and recognized by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. The team of dedicated scientists at the R&D Department continues to maintain the rich pioneering tradition maintained by the Company for decades in the areas of basic research and product development.

EIPW’s R&D Department acts as the backbone of both of its production and quality control facilities.

‘Quality’ – the Hallmark….

At every stage of production, from raw materials to finished products, the highest standard of quality is ensured with the help of the state-of-the-art technology and trained personnel.

The unflinching perseverance towards quality has led the Company to earn enormous goodwill and trust, both from the medical profession and the pharmaceutical trade.

State-of-the-art facility….

The formulation factory in Kolkata, West Bengal, set up in 1958, produces more than 40 products in different dosage forms using the most modern equipment and machinery and conforming to the highest standards of quality, safety and quantity.

The upgraded manufacturing facility has been credited with WHO-GMP (Good Manufacturing & Quality Control Practice) certification.

Reaching out to the millions ….

Right from the inception, EIPW concentrated in building up an effective marketing network to attend the needs of the medical profession as well as to reach out to the common man.

At present, the Company has 450 well-trained field personnel, 18 sales offices and over 50,000 marketing intermediaries to ensure the presence of its products everywhere -from the metro cities to the most remote villages of the country.

Many of the Company’s products like Vitazyme, Locula, Calron, Enteroquinol, Dermoquinol, Tonoferon and Pyrigesic have emerged as leading brands nationally.

The Road Ahead….

Today, EIPW’s activities are no longer limited to modern medicines only. It has made forays into OTC Healthcare products, export marketing and biotechnology.

While the Company’s products have found markets in countries like Brazil, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, its Wellness Division is engaged in the development and marketing of OTC Healthcare products

The Company has also started the manufacture and marketing of two patented herbal products for the management of diabetes and prostatic hyperplasia

In the field of Biotechnology, EIPW has set up necessary R&D infrastructure in the areas of microbial technology, genetic manipulation, natural products and healthcare. In addition, collaborative research projects have been taken up with Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio, USA.