Electronic data capture’s the current need

Electronic data capture’s the current need

While security concerns of information on the fly plague the minds of MNCs, mobile data capture could boost productivity of the industry by several times. What’s required is an aware user community, says Radhakrishna Pillai, Head IT, SRL Ranbaxy

IT can play a critical role to reduce time of study, complete drug development, ease FDA submissions, and structured data collection.

The key for the IT users will be to make the most of the technology for managing records, data mining, analysing and drawing conclusions. The manual process that has been followed traditionally takes too long. Besides with well-documented digital data presentation becomes simpler.

Web-based technologies and mobile technologies should mark the future of IT in the industry. The doctor doing clincal research today, needs to access and fill information on the fly. It should be done directly into a centralised system. So mobile devices are the need of the hour.

The interfaces, and connectivity will have to be web-based, because of its affordability and usability. It will be more functional for the users and access in remote locations will be convenient.

Some organisations have expressed hesitations about moving to India, because of the security issues that arise in electronic data capture. Creating awareness in the user community will be key to both the adoption of IT and the success of the sector. Data transacted is usually encoded, but it needs to be safe on the user end. For that we collectively need to understand concepts of data security and corresponding regulations like 21 CFR Part 1. The user profile, of this technology, still has to evolve into a tech-savvy community.