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Emcure launches new anti-hypertensive drug

EPP News Bureau – Pune

Pune-based Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd has developed a new anti-hypertensive drug S-atenolol under the brand name Atpure, a chirally pure form of atenolol, for the first time in India. The new blood pressure-lowering drug has been indigenously developed by Emcure’s scientists at the company’s research and development centre.

Conventional atenolol which is widely used is available as a mixture of two parts ie (R) and (S) isomers, in an equal ratio. On the S(-) isomer of atenolol possesses blood pressure lowering properties whereas the R (+) isomer has no effect on lowering the blood pressure or heart rate.

Eminent medical specialists in major towns of India have conducted clinical studies on the chirally pure Atpure and they have found Atpure to be twice as potent as conventional atenolol in reducing blood pressure, claimed a release issued by the company.

International clinical studies have also reported similar results. Thus with the use of chirally pure Atpure, the dose of atenolol can be reduced by half and it was also noted that the side-effect profile of Atpure was very low, the release added.

Emcure had earlier launched S-amlodipine, another chirally pure drug, which has received excellent response from the medical fraternity. The company will be introducing more chirally pure drugs in th respiratory and cardiology segments in he near future.
Emcure, rated amongst the top 25 pharmaceutical companies in India has a vision to introduce novel drugs and technologies globally. The company has set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Hinjewadi, which would be meeting the highest international quality standards including those set by UK MHRA and USFDA. It has also set up a bulk drug research and development centre which is dedicated to developing chirally pure molecules.