‘Employee referral model is picking up’

‘Employee referral model is picking up’

Prakash Shanware, President HR, Ipca Laboratories talks to Sushmi Dey about the company’s approach to recruitment.

What are the general mistakes often committed by recruiters while hiring employees?

The common hiring mistakes are—not giving adequate time for the interview process and getting carried away with biases. Not doing the proper reference check from previous employer is another major mistake which companies make. In the interview process there is still a tendency to find out what the candidate does not know rather what the candidate knows. In addition to this, is the reluctance on the part of the managers to hire talented ambitious candidates and giving preference to mediocre candidates.

Is there any specific practice that pharma companies or CROs should remember in order to avoid mistakes during hiring?

Pharma still traditionally looks for candidates within the pharma industry and has reservations to look at candidates outside the industry. There is a change taking place but the process is still slow. While recruiting to avoid mistakes in hiring, using assessment centre, psychometric tests, focussed and an in-depth interview would help eliminate wrong selection. In interview checking more on the contribution being made by the candidate should be the focus rather than the general ‘we did…’

Is depending on job portals or consultants for recruiting employees a right decision? If not, why?

Job portals and consultants are a good help, but total dependence on them for recruitment is not correct since you will normally get the details of the candidates who are looking out for job from them and not necessarily the right candidates who are available for hiring but may not be interested in a switch at this point of time.

Is employee referral a successful model in pharma companies?

Employee referral model is picking up now in the pharma industry. In the case of medical representatives and field managers the referral based recruitment is quite successful but not so much in the other areas.

What are the important factors that HR of pharma companies should keep in mind while recruiting employees?

While recruiting employees, the company needs to be realistic in their expectation, not plus giving over rated promises. Giving a clear picture relating to growth availability in the organisation, quick and timely rewards, constant interaction at various levels. Exit interview to understand why employees leaving the organisation, seeking feedback from existing employees, understanding impediments for effective performance. Taking care of new recruits for initial period of six months will help.