Excelling in excipients

Excelling in excipients

Pharmaceutical Coatings is ‘Specialty Pharma Excipient’ manufacturer and marketer. After making its mark in the domestic market, the company is now exploring overseas markets

‘Extremism is Excellence’ this strongly credited ideal is cherished at Pharmaceutical Coatings. In practice, it means pursuing the objective on a war footing. This approach has made this company survive many obstacles that had crossed its path. Pharmaceutical Coating started with a single product TABCOATTC—Ready Mix Film Coating for tablets however, company has managed to present itself to a discerning pharma industry and build its product into a National Brand, in a very short span.

Pharmaceutical Coatings since its inception in 1990, is a specialised pharma excipients company. It counts most of the big names in the pharma industry as its clients. It currently has a modern manufacturing unit in Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), Navi Mumbai, India with a refined sense for ‘Quality and Industry Savvy’ disposition.

Today, the sky is the limit for the company. This company which has been accredited with ISO 9001:2000 by TUV Management Services, GmbH for design, development, manufacturing and marketing with services of speciality pharma/excipients, is spreading its wings globally to offer themselves as a manufacturer and marketer of specialty pharma excipients.

Besides manufacturing and marketing an innovative range of specialty pharma excipients, the company has partnered with most market leaders and trendsetters from the pharma industry, both domestic and international, due to the revolutionised innovations in film coating technology. The company has created niche capabilities and goodwill in the pharma industry for its product range TABCOAT TC—Ready Mix Film Coating System, which enjoys a leadership position in the domestic market.

Quality has been defined by Pharmaceutical Coatings not only in terms of inputs and outputs, but also in systems and services, which has helped the company to pursue excellence in terms of quality, consistency, reliability and acceptability for products and services. Having earned a name in the domestic pharma industry arena, foreign shores beckon Pharmaceutical Coatings. And it is the continuing pursuit of excellence that has stood Pharmaceutical Coatings in good stead, not as a superficial impression, but as a deeply ingrained the mark of quality.