First international workshop on BA-BE-PK concludes in Ahmedabad

First international workshop on BA-BE-PK concludes in Ahmedabad

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Speakers and participants at the BA-BE-PK event held at Ahmedabad

India’s first international workshop on bioavailability, bioequivalence and pharmacokinetics (BA-BE-PK) workshop was held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on December 1-3, 2008. The workshop was organised by Shivrath Center of Excellence in Clinical Research, a joint venture (JV) with Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission (GSBTM—Government of Gujarat). The workshop was chaired by Dr Bhagirath Patel, Director, Shivrath Center of Excellence in Clinical Research. The workshop introduced the exclusive group of participants to the emerging world of BA-BE-PK across the globe. In a rare occurrence, this workshop saw the best-of-breed researchers, academicians and industrialists on a common platform.

According to a note from the organisers, Shivrath Center of Excellence is India’s first centre to conduct such educational programmes for enhancing the domain capabilities of life sciences, clinical research, medical, pharma industry participants across the country. During the conference there were experienced speakers from the industry who provided deep insights into the BA-BE-PK world. Prominent speakers included Shivpraksh Rathnam, Founder and Managing Director, Synchron Research, Ahmedabad. The lead workshop saw Helmut Schutz, (BEBAC Consultancy Services for Bioequivalence, Austria); Professor Jean-Michel Cardot (Department of Biopharmaceutical Technology, University of Auvergne, France; Simon Davis Pharsight Corporation, UK; Anthony Martin, Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK; and Dr G Ramakrishnan, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Director, India.

The workshop was aptly sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Pharsight Corporation, Huclin Research, Synchron Research and Varda Biotech. Media partners of BA-BE-PK event were Express Pharma and Indian Journal of Pharmacology.

While concluding the event, the organisers commented that the feedback to the workshop was very encouraging with over 99 percent participants wanting to be invited for further workshops of similar nature. Considering this response, the organisers could also gather a wealth of information on some very specific topics that needed to be incorporated in future workshops of this nature.