GCP review and quiz

GCP review and quiz
Dr Umakanta Sahoo an MBA, PhD is currently working for a clinical research organisation, Chiltern International, as general manager, heading the CRO business in India. He has an experience of over 12 years in Indian industry in various managerial capabilities, of which, over seven years in CROs as clinical research associate, clinical team leader, project manager and general manager to handle projects of global US & European pharma companies in Oncology, Neurology and Infectious Disease.

Protocol group exercise
Dr Arun D Bhatt, the president of ClinInvent Research Pvt Ltd is a MD (Med) FICP (Ind) and member faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (Royal College UK).

Importance of chirality in drug discovery
Dr Jag Mohan Khanna, executive director and president – life sciences at the Noida – based Jubilant Organosys Ltd is a seasoned man when it comes to knowing the industry in and out.

Informed consent process
Shashikant Bhat Manager, Clinical Quality AssuranceSIRO Clinpharm Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. Shashikant Bhat works with SIRO Clinpharm Pvt Ltd, Mumbai as manager, Clinical Quality Assurance. Bhat is a postgraduate in pharmacy.