Glenmark launches Stronat-a breakthrough in Osteoporosis management

Glenmark launches Stronat-a breakthrough in Osteoporosis management

EPP News Bureau – Mumbai

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, announced the launch of Strontium Ranelate molecule for osteoporosis management. Glenmark is the first company to launch this molecule in India which offers a breakthrough treatment for osteoporosis.

Strontium Ranelate [Stronat] is a new class of DABA [Dual Action Bone Agent] molecules with a unique mode of action. Strontium Ranelate rebalances bone turnover leading to a significant increase in the formation of bone mass and an equally considerable reduction in the relative risk of vertebral and hip fractures.

Stronat is a convenient, daily therapy with an excellent safety and tolerability profile and is a prescription-based product.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. A. S. Mohanty, Director – Domestic Formulations, said, “The osteoporosis market in India will witness a paradigm shift with the introduction of Strontium Ranelate [Stronat]. Approx-imately 12 million cases of osteoporosis have been reported in India, with every one out of two women over the age of 50 years, having low bone mass.

The launch of Stronat will further reinforce our reputation of being the first to introduce good molecules in India.”

Osteoporosis is a progressively debilitating condition where an individual’s bone density reduces below acceptable levels, rendering them brittle and as a consequence, making the person more prone to fractures.

Though largely pervasive in females, it is seen that over 36 percent of men above 50 years of age also have a tendency to develop osteoporosis.

With the increase in life expectancy, osteoporosis has become a formidable public health problem in India. Furthermore, there exists a void in the current therapies offered and the market size of anti-osteoporosis treatment in India is estimated to be Rs. 156 crores.