GSK launches protein supplement

GSK launches protein supplement

GlaxoSmithKline has recently entered the Specialist Nutrition category with the launch of its top-quality protein supplement ‘ActiBase’ under the banner of Glaxo Nutrition. ActiBase is available in two flavours, vanilla and neutral.

ActiBase is a specialist nutrition product, the first one under the banner of Glaxo Nutrition, a broader range of products from GSK. ActiBase is scientifically designed with essential nutrients to help fulfill nutritional requirements for youth and adults.

ActiBase has the ideal blend of soy protein isolate and whey—milk proteins which rate the highest on the global standard set for protein quality by the FAO/WHO. It is designed in consultation with leading experts (nutritionists) to suit the evolving lifestyles and nutritional needs of urban India. ActiBase also has prebiotic fibers to help promote a healthy digestive system. It has 20 essential vitamins and minerals for protein metabolism and optimal cellular function. ActiBase has less than three percent total fat, while being a rich source (45 percent concentration) for best quality proteins.

The product is formulated to provide one third of the daily protein requirement in two serves. It has a realistic serve size of 18 g. The product is available in two variants—neutral taste and vanilla. While the vanilla variant can be had with milk, the neutral variant blends well with traditional Indian day-to-day food items like curries, dal, roti etc. without noticeably altering their taste or appearance.

The company reportedly has plans to launch more of its global brands like Sensodyne toothpaste, vitamin drink Ribena, energy drink Lucozade and other smoking-cessation products in the next three years to strengthen its position in the Indian market. Market observers point out that tshe market for the goods in special nutrition category is Rs 500 crore and is growing at the rate of about 30-35 percent annually and globally, the category is as big as $30 billion. With growing health consciousness, there has been a growing demand for nutritional products.