Importance of air sterilisation

Importance of air sterilisation

We are surrounded by micro organisms everywhere and hence get afflicted with various airborne diseases. The reason for failure to control infections is the continuous misconception that humanity is able to dominate the microbial kingdom. In this respect, medically dominated approaches make immodest claims about the causation of infection because they tend to neglect the ecological, evolutionary and societal dimensions involved. A new understanding of the epidemiology of infections calls for more contextual approaches if the livelihood of the majority of people is to be improved worldwide.

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are many areas which need to be free of all air borne microbial contamination and pathogens. Pest Control India (PCI) has introduced a new germicidal product for air sterilisation, based on ultraviolet germicidal (UVC) light. The product has been conceptuliased to provide visible changes in pharma industry as well as hospitals, offices, call centres, food processing industry, commercial kitchens, leisure facilities, airports, gyms, schools, colleges, etc. Medixair sterilises premises against airborne infection caused by viruses, bacteria and spores. It is compact, portable, easy to use and maintain and complies with International Statutory Safety Regulations.

The unit was initially designed and developed as a tool against terrorist attacks with weapons grade anthrax agents. This unit is capable of destroying greater than 99.999 percent of micro-organisms in the air. It is a decontamination device aimed at improving indoor air quality by removing aerobiological pathogens which present threats particularly to the young, the old and the sick.The product is safe, silent operation, low operating costs, compact, portable, modern design, high efficiency to size ratio, no ozone depletion, ease of use and maintenance.

Medixair is designed to operate 24X7, providing continuous air sterilisation without the need for operator supervision. PCI can also provide technical back-up through analysis and reports of pre and post counts taken by air sampling. Medixairâ„¢ now provides a further dimension to PCI’s range of comprehensive solutions for infection control and sterilisation .

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