Integrated Solution: For maximizing business prospects

Integrated Solution: For maximizing business prospects

Today the enterprise software and value added services combine to provide the most comprehensive learning solution to help organizations improve productivity and boost business performance through e-Learning, says Prof. P K Gupta

In today’s global economy, companies are under intense pressure to create value for shareholders and other stakeholders in increasingly competitive environments. It is more important than ever to deliver on revenue and profitability targets every quarter, and to demonstrate to investors that the business can build market share. Efficiently leveraging a company’s intellectual capital has a direct effect on a company’s bottom-line results, through improvements in:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Sales force productivity
  • Employee/partner/supplier education
  • Cost structure efficiencies

According to a recent study by ASTD, firms that spent more than average on training had Total Stock Returns that are 86 per cent higher than firms that spent less than average, and 45 per cent higher than the market average.

Real Solutions

e-Learning is used to solve real business problems, improve their bottom-line and turn organizational knowledge into a tangible asset. The CoServer architecture provides a backbone for managing all learning methods from traditional classes, to virtual classrooms, to online courses, evolution of e-Learning authoring, management and delivery systems. The successful integration of those critical elements demonstrates thorough understanding of what is needed to solve complex business problems.

The most comprehensive and most advanced LCMS solution on the market today offers knowledge exchange and collaboration capabilities that help capture, manage, deliver, and improve both the structured knowledge as well as the tacit knowledge contained within an organization. The requirements will always change, human capital investments will always be risky, and businesses will always be called on to deliver increasing value to stakeholders.

With the Enterprise Learning Platform, a company gains the capability to leverage resources outside the organization to enhance its value proposition to customers and subsequently, its overall economic performance.

e-Learning development, tracking and management

Evidently the software enables interoperability and safeguards customer investments through standards, if the right approach is applied. New advances in technology, combined with sound instructional strategies, allow for learning to be a learner-centred, personalized, interactive, and engaging process that is integrated into each learner’s everyday work life. As with any training effort, e-Learning must be tied directly to business drivers to ensure that the investment is worthwhile. The specific approach to implementing e-Learning within a particular organization needs to be carefully crafted to ensure success.

Maximizing the impact

There are more methods to deliver information now than ever before, and successful blended learning methods maximize the use of each. There is no perfect formula for creating a blended learning solution. However, decision points and corresponding guidelines can be applied to determine which delivery methods will best meet your goals. It has been widely accepted that future shall be knowledge-based organization. The future wealth will be knowledgable workers.

A complete knowledge sharing solution

Based on extensive experience with enterprise customers, the solution delivers the seven core components necessary for successful knowledge sharing strategies. Wrapped around the six technical components are the important professional services that help companies address key implementation, technology, process, and cultural issues associated with successful knowledge sharing projects.


  • Value Proposition
  • Efficiency & economy value
  • Management efficiency improves typically by 30-40 per cent
  • Efficiency of clerical can increase by more than 200 per cent
  • Customers and shareholders’complaints, claims are addressed in time
  • Maintenance problems are resolved fast typically by 40-50 per cent

Strategic value

  • Downtime of plants and machinery reduces by 30-40 per cent
  • Organization becomes customers, shareholders-friendly
  • Increased value of stock on Stock Exchange by 20-30 per cent

ROI Guidelines

  • Efficiency & economy based (average basis)
  • 30 per cent saving in manpower
  • Reduced plant downtime by 30 per cent
  • Market capital gains by increased market capitalization (20 per cent for Rs 100 crore capital = Rs 20 crores)

Strategic value based

  • Future growth of company to sustain competition and market
  • Market capitalization become easy
  • Increased focus on developing core competencies of the business

In-house solution -Estimated Rs 5-10 crores to develop with 2-3 years of delay not including the cost/headache of infrastructure development recruiting & retaining core IT human skill sets.

For an organization KM brings people together and using networks, sharing knowledge are the utmost important. People need to be able to talk each other, to ask questions and check their understanding. Our system engineers have a network to pool, share and use solutions on the network regardless of the sector they work in. This has reduced the search time by 50 per cent, and accelerate the actions development time by 30 per cent.

Some of the world’s largest companies have been benefitted by connecting employees with problems to co-workers with relevant expertise to generate measurable results and achieve core strategic objectives. Enterprise knowledge sharing solutions are web-based on Window’s NT platform and are extremely friendly to use.

By partnering with the enterprises in this process of implementation of Enterprise Knowledge Sharing Solutions, proper training can be imparted to personnel for using it by registered users. Proven product maturity and successful deployments make it the right choice for achieving meaningful ROI through knowledge sharing technological solutions.

The writer Prof P K Gupta is with Vidyaweb India Pvt Ltd, Pune