International Bio-seminar in Mumbai

International Bio-seminar in Mumbai

EPP News Bureau – Mumbai

The December 2004 introduction of ground-breaking patent legislation in India governing the molecular composition of new and existing drugs, combined with the country’s widely varied and densely populated demographics, promises to attract increasing numbers of the international research community to its borders in the years ahead. By 2010, India’s burgeoning clinical trial market is expected to come of age, topping $1.5 billion in pharmaceutical investment.

Recognising the growing importance of India as a locale for global clinical trials, World Courier will present its internationally acclaimed Seminar on Global Clinical Trial Management and Logistics at the Renaissance Hotel in Mumbai, India on October 28, 2005.

Wayne Heyland, President and CEO of World Courier Group says, “There are unique problems inherent to undertaking a global clinical trial. Including airline regulations relating to the transport of diagnostic and infectious substances, correct packaging and documentation, the timely distribution of clinical trial supplies, appropriate cold chain management, good clinical practices, regulatory approvals, compliance. If unresolved, any one of these issues can compromise the results of the study. All of these concerns are addressed at our seminars where we bring together major stakeholders to identify problems and pinpoint solutions. We are extremely proud that international organizations like the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have changed their policies as a result of the dialogue generated at these seminars.”

The first World Courier conference, entitled the Bioseminar on the Transportation of Diagnostic and Infectious Substances took place in Brussels in 1994, where its name aptly reflected the major concerns of the time. Since then, an ever-changing regulatory environment and the industry’s need for increasingly sophisticated logistical services during both the trial and the pre-trial phases have broadened the scope of the World Courier programme.

The day-long agenda is comprehensive in nature and, in Mumbai, will cover a variety of topics that range from the newest IATA regulations governing the transport of biological specimens, to the new patent regime in India, to the legal responsibilities of shippers, investigators and sponsors, to training for safety and compliance.