Intervein Laboratories

Intervein Laboratories

Devina Bhardwaj, CEO, Intervein Laboratories

Intervein is a Central Laboratory endowed with cutting edge technologies. The lab started its operations in early 2006 and is one of the first labs to get accreditations from NABL as per ISO 15189. Intervein has successfully participated in CAP proficiency testing programmes and is awaiting inspection soon.

Today drug developers are seeking global testing capabilities, transcontinental data flow, information management with relational database and automatic edit checks for clean real time data. Intervein has the platform to provide all this efficiently.

Apart from analysis, with its GCP/GLP trained team, Intervein is also involved with project management, data management and logistics.

It is often not appreciated how important logistics are to the success of a clinical trial. Up to 40 percent of the cost and up to 100 percent of the difficulties of safety analysis lie in transportation of specimens from patient to lab. Intervein takes utmost pre-analytical care of the specimens and temperature trails are maintained throughout the shipment. Intervein meets the growing demand of clinical trials by providing lab techniques and IT in particular so that the huge data generated in a trial is processed quickly and cost effectively.

Intervein plans for future expansion as a core central lab by providing imaging services. It also plans to expand its footprints geographically. “Intervein shall continue to thrive to have a relationship between sponsored clinical research and the central lab business to ensure that patients in trials are dealt with as safely as possible, while the drugs patients needs are effective and safe,” says Devina Bhardwaj, CEO, Intervein Laboratories.