IPGA hosts IPC 2008

IPGA hosts IPC 2008

The host of the 60th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress (IPC) is the Indian Pharmacy Graduates’ Association (IPGA), which was established in 1973, and was registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, and is affiliated to Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Association (IPCA). Its mission statement is “To improve the professional status of Pharmacy Graduates and to secure their rightful positions in the pharmacy and other allied professions.” It has more than 3,500 life members in 17 State branches all over India. The current President of IPGA is Atul Kumar Nasa, whereas the General Secretary is Dr Arun Garg.

IPCA is a federation with five national pharmaceutical associations as its constituents. It is the apex body representing Indian pharmacists working in various capacities, namely, pharmaceutical industry, R&D, quality control, quality assurance, academics, drugs control departments, hospitals, community and clinical pharmacy, marketing etc IPCA has more than 20,000 professionals/pharmacists as its members.

The five federating associations of IPCA include IPGA, Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA), Indian Hospital Pharmacists Association (IHPA), Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI) and All India Drugs Control Officers’ Confederation (AIDCOC).

The first IPC was organised at Kolkata in December 1948, with Professor M L Schroff as its President. Thereafter, each year, IPC has enjoyed tremendous industry support and success as the foremost pharma event in the country. The professionals elected to preside over the IPC during these years have been persons of great eminence in their fields. Intelligent and appropriate expression has been given by each of them to particular issue and fields of prime importance in the form of a theme statement.

The objectives of the IPGA are as stated below:

  • To ensure proper education and training to pharmacy graduates

  • To convey to the faculty the specific role played by pharmacy graduates

  • To make known the benefit to the faculty out of the capability of pharmacy graduates

  • To foster the mutually beneficial relations amongst the members and to inculcate a sense of professional ethics

  • To liaise with the decision making authorities and employees to project the contribution of pharmacy graduates and to strive to get the pharmacy and other allied professions, positions and perks commensurate with their qualifications and contributions

  • To represent at all places and all times whenever an injustice is done to the rightful position of pharmacy graduates within the constitutional frame work of our country

The association has its official quarterly newsletter IPGA Today, which is circulated amongst all the members and other pharmacy professional bodies. The IPGA also sponsors the ‘K C Chatterjee Memorial Award’ which is given during the inaugural session of IPC.

Recent activities of the IPGA include a seminar on the launch of the ‘Indian Pharmacopoeia-2007’ in February 2008, and before that in October 2007 was the 24th all India annual conference on ‘Role of the pharmacist in the 21st century”