Italy-India forum focuses on technology co-operation

Italy-India forum focuses on technology co-operation

Italian Trade Commission (ICE), in association with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry(FICCI), recently organised Italy-India fora at New Delhi and Bangalore. The focus was on co-operation in the form of technology transfer between enterprises, research centres, realisation of joint training projects, and exchange between universities through scholarships. The enlisted speakers discussed exchange of intellectual property with particular reference to the emerging high technology sectors. ICE also came out with special reports on biotechnology and nanotechnology sectors in India.

Acording to Giancarlo Lamio, Italian Trade Commissioner, this was the first familiarisation visit to India for most of the 17 companies, and it has been a good experience. Going forward, many of these companies are expected to take this further. Later this year, in September, ICE aims to take a delegation of Indian experts on nanotechnology to Milan for the NanoForum event.

Paolo Trichilo, Charge ‘d’Affaires a.i., Embassy of Italy, said, “This forum is an important step in promoting trade relations between the two countries and I am thankful to FICCI for helping us organise the same. India is gradually making a mark in the biotechnology sector and by 2010, the Indian biotech industry is expected to achieve revenue of $5 million and create one million jobs. The forum was to encourage Italian representatives to develop a better understanding of Indian biotechnology and nanotechnology, improve economic co-operation between the two countries in form of technology transfers.”

Professor Leonardo Santi, President, National Committee for Biosafety, Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Italy, while addressing the gathering said, “Italy in agreement with EU believes that biotechnology and life sciences are to be considered priority for any country’s economy. With India experiencing a moment of great economic growth, thanks to organisational and social instruments with specific features, can ensure harmonic collaborations in the field of bio economy.”

The main themes examined at the fora were promotion of entrepreneurial partnership, technology transfer, development and co-operation in the protection of intellectual property. The Italian companies made presentations giving an overview of their respective sectors and the areas of co-operation that they would be interested in India.