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Lab test reveals bacteria in ice cream
EPP News Bureau – Mumbai

Results on vanilla ice creams tested at in-house laboratory of the CERC have been found to have high levels of bacteria, says a report published in a recent issue of Insight, the consumer magazine. The in-house laboratory of the CERC tested four branded and four loose samples of ice cream against the specifications of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act (PFA). The brands tested were Amul, Havmor, Kwality Walls Max and Vadilal Dairy Premium. The loose samples were purchased from Amiraj Classic (formerly Devrani Jethani), Niruben Desai (formerly Devrani Jethani), Patel Dairy and Shree Janta.

Microbial contamination (germs) was a common problem in all the loose samples. Branded ones were, however, free from germs, except Vadilal. All the loose samples and Vadilal were found with very high levels of live bacteria or total colony count which may lead to diseases like septic sore throat and gastro – intestinal disturbances especially among children. While the BIS does not allow more than 2,50,000 gm, Vadilal had 17,40,000 gm.

Most samples had coliforms and E.coli which indicates possible faecal contamination and may cause gastro-enteritis and urinary tract infections. Classic had as high as 322500/gm of coliform against the BIS limit of 100/gm. Niruben (4275/gm), Patel Dairy (3650/gm), Shree Janta (1535/gm) and Vadilal (260/gm) also had high levels of coliform count.

Standards have not set limits for E.coli, but ideally it should not be present in the ice cream. Classic again was found with 64500/gm of E.coli. Niruben and Patel Dairy also had E.coli in their ice cream. The law requires that the ice cream to be so called should have minimum 10 per cent fat. The fat content in Niruben was as low as 3.8 per cent while Classic had 7 per cent milk fat.

The law also requires that ice cream should have minimum 3.5 per cent protein which was found less in Havmor, Classic, Niruben and Shree Janta.