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A Biography of Herbals
Since time immeremorial, plants have been a rich source of therapeutics.

Herbs for the Common man
Apart form hundreds of medical herbs, there are a few that we consume as food every day

FDA to decide if allergy drugs be made OTC
As spring sends allerfy surfers flocking to doctors for relief, US regulators are weighing whether three popular prescription remedies should be made available over the counter

Flu shot safe, beneficial for multiple sclerosis patients
Flu shots are safe for most multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and prevent infections that can trigger or worsen MS symptoms, according to a study in the recent issue of Neurology.

Global TB report finds increasing drug resistance
Tuberculosis (TB) that is resistant to antibiotic drugs continues to be a serious problem worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) latest report.

Studies suggest HIV did not arise from polio vaccine
A controversial theory that the world’s HIV epidemic arose from an oral polio vaccine used in Africa in the 1950s has no scientific evidence to back it up, according to four separate studies released.

Stress reduction may cut high blood pressure
Adults with high blood pressure who underwent 10 weeks of stress management therapy were able to significantly lower their blood pressure, Canadian researchers report.