No more perks

No more perks

Doctors are definitely not celebrating. And so are certain pharma companies. But rest of them (including me) are all game for the new code of conduct for marketing adopted by OPPI. The code dictates no free gifts and junkets policy to promote their products. At last, the time has come for medicines to speak for themselves; paving the way for ethics in pharmaceutical marketing.

In line the recent development, this issue’s cover story talks of the significance of trade associations. These associations are evolving themselves to a more productive role and contributing to the growth of the industry.

Why control?

Drug Price Control Order (DPCO) tops the list of pharma industry’s grievances. Touted as the most discussed topic, DPCO is not very close what it is supposed to achieve—popularity. The cause is noble, the claims are righteous but the methods are wrong, say many industry leaders. Looks like we need all the trade bodies to try and make a headway! This issue’ market cover has some opinions by the industry on the issue.

While these calls for good planning, there is yet another area where planning is crucial ie the conduct of clinical trials. Encompassing science, statistics and economics; clinical study design is crucial in pre-determining the success of a clinical trial. The research cover elucidates the importance of the same.

To the health

Our sister magazine, Express Healthcare has been recently re-launched and we hope it attains the same success and popularity as Express Pharma. To give a complete taste of the healthcare vertical to the readers, the last part of the issue has some articles from the first issue of the magazine.

Sandeep Ajgaonkar