Nurture young entrepreneurs to create dynamic leaders

Nurture young entrepreneurs to create dynamic leaders

Samprada Singh, Chairman

Alkem Laboratories

As a company operating in the pharmaceuticals sector, a focus on social causes is an extension of the company’s core philosophy — to preserve the sanctity of life and aid ailing humanity. We are particularly committed to our efforts of nurturing young entrepreneurs who have leadership potential in them, wish to start their own business in the pharma sector and have the conviction to follow their vision and dream to fruition.

Through this initiative we are able to introduce quality players in various segments in this sector, which also contributes to the growth and dynamism of the overall industry. We have been fortunate to have had several opportunities to foster high-potential young entrepreneurs across several pharma related business areas like printing, raw material, transport and packaging material, who have started from scratch without any or very little financial support but with abundant faith and courage in their hearts. And it has always been gratifying to witness their growth and see them bring their ideas to completion through their hard work finally culminating into successful businesses.

We have also initiated an excellent working relationship with many of such ‘home-spawned’ young entrepreneurs, as they continue to supply Alkem with a wide range of various ancillary products. For instance take the case of a talented and courageous young boy who was employed with Alkem. He had a noticeable spark in him and predictably, in a short while revealed his desires of starting his own venture of IV transfusions and sterilised water for injections. Alkem decided to support him with an initial investment of Rs.18 crore and helped him acquire the rest from the bank on the company’s guarantee. The boy now has a factory in Baddi and has an annual turnover of about Rs. 100 crores. Alkem continues to purchase about 50 percent of his production.He is amongst the reliable suppliers to the company.

There have been several such learning and stimulating opportunities and it has been our privilege to have been associated with so many bright talents from humble beginnings who have transformed their destiny to become young successful entrepreneurs. I too have traveled that path armed only with immense faith in my dreams and ambitions and have left no stone unturned to translate my vision into reality through courage, sincerity and perseverance. This is one of the social initiatives closest to my heart which we have tried to inculcate even within the organisation by recognising our staff who demonstrate such traits. We view these as chances given to us to help a deserving person to create his own livelihood, as we believe that everyone should get at least one opportunity to prove himself in life and follow his dreams.

A truly victorious feeling overwhelmes me and all at Alkem, when we see the people around us and working with us are forging ahead and living a life full of simple happiness and peace.