Orchid hires Spectrasoft for IT process management, many may follow suit

Orchid hires Spectrasoft for IT process management, many may follow suit

R Baby Manoj – Bangalore

Chennai-based Rs 750-crore Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, a major player in cephalosporin and non-antibiotics, is gearing up to occupy a larger pie in the US market by increasing their output and achieving stricter compliance with US FDA regulations through complete IT process management. For this, they have brought in city-based Spectrasoft, a software product provider specialised in pharma vertical.

Orchid has selected Spectrasoft solutions for not just managing their applications, but as a

complete solution to the entire hardware, networking, communication and related areas. As part of expanding its business, Orchid made a good investment in the plant and machinery, a major objective being ensuring US FDA-compliance of its plant and machinery.

In other words, it has roped in Spectrasoft to design IT implementation as required by US FDA. Orchid shares their business plan with Spectrasoft and the latter designs the IT strategy for the company on a year – on – year basis.

However, automation of a company with 3,500 employees and four manufacturing centres — all of them being US FDA approved — is no mean task.

Several other pharma companies are in talks with Spectrasoft for complete automation. They include Chennai–based companies Fourrtes Laboratories Ltd and Mano Pharma, besides Mumbai-based Arch Pharma Labs. In all of them, IT implementation is going on at full pace.

Arch Pharma labs and Fourrtes are implementing Spectrasoft’s Enterprise Pharma Solutions. Mano Pharma too has a contract for complete IT facility management.

Since small and medium companies are aiming a very fast growth rate, Spectrasoft has been giving them preferences. ‘‘Big companies do not prefer business integrated solutions,’’ opines Uday. ‘‘We are pharma specialists with a man power comprising experts of post graduation and PhD who have 10-30 years experience in the pharma industry,’’ he informs.

Software solutions ensure complete traceability. After product patent regime coming into existence, the relevance of traceability is all the more. ‘‘Right from the beginning — the purchase of the raw materials to marketing the products, companies have to trace the stages, in case something goes wrong, in order not to repeat the mistake,’’ says Uday.

Even though there are a number of software companies in the country, perhaps the largest after the US, only quite a few of them offer specific products meeting the industry’s requirement. Service software companies do not need much investment in starting the business, this may be the major reason for this phenomenon (There are more service providers than product providers in India in IT).

‘‘Manufacturing sectors including pharma are not well versed in IT and software. Manufacturers are usually not convinced of readymade products suiting their requirement,’’ adds Uday Shankar.

Bangalore-based Spectrasoft is poised to cash in on the new-found enthusiasm of pharma companies in information technology. ‘‘There is no single company in India providing the whole range of pharma specific IT solutions like us,’’ claims Uday Shankar. It has got a number of clients in its kitty, ranging from the ’Goliath’ Orchid to the ’David’ Mano, another Chennai based company. Spectrasoft expects pharma vertical market to be to the tune of Rs 35 crore in India in the initial stages. Hardly six months after the launch of its pharma vertical, Spectrasoft has already cornered almost half of its targeted ten percent of the estimated Rs 35 crore market. Uday estimates the overall application software market of the country to be Rs 200 crore, which includes enterprise solutions containing CRM, supply chain management etc. The US giant Dendrite, and the domestic Vmoksha are two other prominent players in the city catering to the IT needs of the health care industry.