The Indian Express Group

flame-4891522The Indian Express Group is one of the nation’s largest media conglomerates with a wide selection of publications and a network of offices spread across the length and breadth of the country. Growing in strength from a single edition to 29 national editions and 3 language dailies that reach over 5 million across the country. The Indian Express group publications include the Indian Express, The Sunday Express, The Financial Express, Loksatta and the highly respected Bollywood weekly – Screen among others. Today, the Indian Express Group boasts an extensive newsgathering and marketing infrastructure as well as a state-of-the-art communications network within the Indian publishing industry.

The Group is also the pioneer in launching niche business and trade publications exclusively managed by its strategic business unit: Business Publications Division (BPD). The Division is the largest and fastest growing niche publishing house in the sub-continent covering all major sectors – Hi-Tech, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles and Business Trade. Its brands include Express Computer, Express Hotelier & Caterer, Express Travel & Tourism, feBusiness Traveller, Express Healthcare Management, Express Pharma Pulse, Network Magazine and Express Textile. The Division has also ventured into organising Trade Exhibitions and Customised Events.

Express Pharma Pulse

l-epplogo01-5752980Express Pharma Pulse is India’s No 1. Business weekly for the pharma industry. As part of Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Ltd, we offer you the widest geographic reach, focused business segment coverage and the sure means to reach the senior management and decision makers across the industry. What this gives you is a readership audience and an unrivaled advertising opportunity already experienced by leading players. What’s more, in addition to the regular pages, we also produce and release special features that include Pharma Research, Pharma Technology, Pharma Academia, Pharma Biotech, Indian Pharma Search Directory and Pharma Packaging to help keep our readers abreast with contemporary developments. In 2001, we instituted the Express Pharma Pulse Awards, an event that is held annually to celebrate oustanding achievements in Pharma. With a focused reach and a host of advertising and promotion options, Express Pharma Pulse continues to remain your most favoured media to tap the industry’s rising potential.

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