‘Our products are tailor made to customers needs’

‘Our products are tailor made to customers needs’

Ideal Cures’ Instacoat ready mix film coating material is one of the most preferred coating materials not only in India but also across the globe. Suresh Pareek, Managing Director, Ideal Cures reveals more to Sachin Jagdale

How difficult it is for pharmaceutical customers to find out which pharma ingredient provider meets their product’s requirements?

In pharma industry where raw material like Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and excipients play vital role, it is a very critical and rigorous procedure to find a vendor/supplier. Since tablet coating is the last manufacturing process for coated tablets, it becomes very critical to choose a reliable and good quality supplier of tablet coating material. This is because consistency in quality and organoleptic properties of coated tablets, along with stability aspect of the drug, depends on the coating applied. The decision cannot be taken based on price. We conduct special training programmes under the banner of the Ideal Coating Institute Technology, where professionals from pharma companies are informed about the products and services we offer and their end use as well.

The customer will also want know if the ingredient supplier follows current Good Manufacturing Practises (cGMP) norms in manufacturing facilities and whether the capacities are adequate to meet their requirements. Secondly their ability to provide regulatory support as well as what is the capability of the producer for pre development support. Do they have good application labs in their premises? Do they have qualified technical people to provide support during pilot and scale up batches?

How does unexpected failure of high profile drugs in the late stages of clinical trials trial affect your type of business?

Before the drug reaches its last stage, stability and other test would have already been over as far as our product is concerned. Unexpected failure of high profile drugs would affect to the extent that our product is not commercialised.

You have customers from pharma, ayurvedic and nutraceutical industries. What are the challenges in fulfilling the needs of this wide array of customers?

The challenges are many and vary depending on the type of industry. Firstly the customer’s need, nature and characteristic of drug moiety, functionality of coating for dosage form have to be clearly understood. Secondly, we have to take into account the facilities available at the customer’s end for application of our product as well as regulatory aspect. Depending on these factors, we have to decide how to meet the customer’s need and what products to offer. Many times, products are specially formulated to meet specific needs of the customer. Thus products are tailor made to customer’s needs.

What are the technologies that you use while manufacturing ‘Instacoats’?

Instacoat range of products are manufactured in cGMP premises with state of the art machinery with Supervision Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) control. Our manufacturing facilities are built to global standards. We have impeccably planned inherent sections such as quarantine area, dispensing room with separate material and personnel entry, raw materials section, day storage room and approved racks and stores. The production building has independent access to all three different blocks. Every room has a separate Air Handling Unit (AHU) to ensure elimination of contamination.

The specialised machinery and instruments at our facilities and quality control equipments adhere to the latest technology and cGMP standards. Consistent quality is achieved and supported by our modern analytical, microbiological and application labs.

Colour matching (of the coating) is carried out in three stages. The first stage is the draw down of the film using a card then comparing with a standard shade card. The second stage involves conducting a coating trial on placebo tablets and performing colour matching by colour-spectrophotometers at In Process Quality Control (IPQC). The third and final stage is checking the colour shades electronically at quality control. All of this ensures that Ideal Cures delivers a consistent finest quality material on every consignment.

Give the benefits of Instacoat over the other products in the market in the same category?

Ideal Cures has a wide range of products from normal film coating to functional film coating. The benefits of Instacoat over other products in the same category are faster sample submission response, pre and post development support, competitive price, prompt delivery and flexible pack size, efficient technical support for commercial batches and trouble shooting and reproducibility and consistent quality in state of the art manufacturing facilities.

Apart from this, the specialised Instacoat product range for controlled release drug delivery technology, bitter taste masking of APIs, flavoured film coating, are unique patented technologies available to our customers, which other vendors do not offer.

How much has Ideal Cures evolved in terms of production capabilities since its inception?

Ideal Cures has grown above the average rate. The production capacities have increased 30 times from inception. We have now set up a new production facility at Jammu, which will increase our capacities four fold. We are the only company in this business having two manufacturing locations in India.

What is your client base (domestic and international)? How are you going to strengthen it?

Our client base is spread over 42 countries and in India we cater to all sections of the pharma industry, including large and medium scale as well as multinationals. Ideal Cures is serving the world market through eight regional laboratories, 14 agencies/distributors networks and two overseas offices are being planned and should all be operational during early 2009. The strong R&D backbone of Ideal Cures has enabled the company to receive 10 patents on cutting edge technologies in the field of tablet coating. The client base will be expanded and strengthened by promoting our products in more countries through participation in international exhibitions, conducting seminars and training programmes.

In the next three years, what will be the role of Ideal Cures in the evolution of the pharma ingredient manufacturing industry?

As I see it, Ideal Cures will devote major resources in R&D of new products which will be innovative and offer new and wider choice to customers like introduction of Instacoat Smart. In the next three years, we will devote resources to helping pharma industry change from organic based coatings to aqueous based coatings thus avoiding the use of hazardous, toxic and polluting organic solvents.

We will stand as a trusted resource for development of tablet coating technology, controlled release and functional release dosage forms. It will be our endeavour to impart and share knowledge with scientists in the pharma industry. Ideal Cures will emerge as a reliable partner to pharma industry for supply and development of tablet coating technology.