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Unitrex – Universal trace residue extractor System: Unitrex the pesticide and trace residue exraction system is manufactured by SGE Laboratory Accessoties Pvt. Ltd. Some of the specialities of the system are: It replace slow, labour intensive solvent extraction techniques. It enables fast and efficient pesticide recovery. Enables repaid warm up +/- 1C temperature stability. Low operating and maintenance costs High sample throughput it is ideal for use in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

The Unitrex is ideal for the efficient recovery of both organo – chlorine and organo-phosphorous pesticides. Recoveries are better than 90 per cent at the sub PPM level, for most samples, and the extract is clean enough for direct injection into capillary column or packed columns even with highly sensitive detectors such as ECD and NPD.

By using the SGE Unitrex System, it is possible to analyse multiple samples simultaneously, while also allowing a recovery standard for each batch. Thus the Unitrex provides quality assurance on each analysis. This makes it ideal for satisfying GLP requirement.

For further information ( 3 ) 176 in the coupon enclosed.Umang Extruder The Umang Extruder is used for converting the powder – material (which does not get sticky when mixed with binders) into extrudes/ granules. It is designed in various sizes from small size machines useful for R&D purpose to larger size machines.

Accessaries Possible

1. Change of Extrusion diameter/ pellet size by changing Die Roller.

2. A.C. Controls for speed variation.

  • Optional Accessaries

  • A.C. Drive for speed control with Digital R.P.M. Indicator.

  • Different diameter Die Roller

  • Continuous cooling arrangement during extrusion operation.

  • Direct connection from Extruder to Spher’ oidizer

  • In Pharmaceuticals for Pellet form as well as Sustained release drugs

  • In Chemical industry to avoid Powder dusting

  • In Food industry for cake decoration

  • Upto 96 per cent uniformity, depends purely on formulation.

  • Ease of changing Die Roller if diameter of extrusions is to be varied.

  • Length of extrusions is adjustable.

Steam sterilisation integrators
ProChem SSIs steam sterilisation integrators are used to verify adequate steam penetration into every pack/pouch. The indicator ink changes from white to black during steam sterilisation. Tests have shown that ProChem SSIs complete their color change at a time equivalent to or beyond the time needed to kill Biological Indicators. It is manufactured in an FDA registered facility pursuant to FDA Quality System Regulations (QSRs).

ProChem has the following specialities

  • Easy to interpret

  • Measures time, temperature and presence of steam

  • Instant visual vertification of adequate steam penetration into the pack/pouch

  • 510K Notified as a Steam Integrator at 132 C to 135 C.

  • Behaves as a process Indicator 121 C

  • White to black color change is not reversible

  • An integral part of a comprehensive sterility assurance program

Resistoflex are making a very wide variety of Neoprene as well as Natural Rubber Expansion Joints, bellows and connectors from 20mm NB to 1600 mm NB with Single and Multiple Arches. These are used extensively for solving toughest piping problems in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems, Pumping Plants, Power Generating Stations, Chemical Processing, Paper and Pulp Mills, Steel Plants – anywhere where there is a temperature variation. They automatically compensate for misalignment of pipes, relieve stress and strain by absorbing axial compression and elongation, lateral, transverse and angular movement, reduce mechanical noise and isolate mechanical vibrations thereby protecting piping, valves and equipment. Resistoflex is ISO-9001 certified for the design, manufactur and marketing of Vibration Control System.