Prescription for success

Prescription for success

The ability to corporatise the concept of homeopathy clinics and position it on the positivity platform, without being perceived as recreation, has made them trendsetters in the Indian homeopathic arena. Sonal Shukla goes behind the scenes to understand the nitty-gritty of positioning the brand called Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic

This institution has managed to strike a fine balance between its medical philosophy and marketing desires and has recently announced a budget of over Rs 16 crore for its brand promotion campaign.

Going beyond the obvious

Founded back in the eighties, Batra’s has come a long way from a single clinic at Chowpatty in Mumbai to 43 clinics spread across 15 cities. The concept of a ‘chain of clinics’ is loosely based on the idea of a retail chain. Like any other branded retail outlet, Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic Private Limited (DBPHCPL) offers efficient and speedy service. Customers do not have to wait long to meet the doctor and get the medicine on location. DBPHCPL is a one-stop solution for all skin and hair related needs of patients.

“We are one of the first clinics in India to integrate the retail aspect with homeopathy treatment through our chain of clinics. Along with adding all the convenience of retail, we also aspire to count on the seriousness of the medical outfit,” explains Dr Mukesh Batra, the driving force behind the concept. “However we are not advertising our medical profession or our doctors. We are advertising the entire corporate called Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic Private Limited,” he adds.

Exploiting the media

The company has a wholesome media mix as it advertises in print, television and radio. Routine advertisements featuring ‘before-after’ cases are run in the print with ads published in all the leading dailies of our country. Dr Batra says, “The press is the major business driver in terms of response driven advertising. Advertising in mainline has enlarged the brand scope in various metros and mini metros around.” Besides, the company focuses more on articles and Q&As for magazines.

The brand has come up with two television commercials (TVC), one for the mother brand, DBPHCPL and the other for their new range of shampoos

Television takes care of brand image building. The brand has come up with two television commercials (TVC), one for the mother brand—DBPHCPL and the other for their new range of shampoos. The TVC for DBPHCPL tries to bring out the core aspect of trust and care through the ad, wherein the doctors at the clinic treat a child’s teddy bear too. “The core of Batra’s organisation is trust and care. A child is an epitome of innocence, care, softness and trust. Through this ad we bring out all these emotions attached to our philosophy towards our profession,” says Batra. The TVC asks customers to send an SMS to 8888 for appointments, thereby making it response driven. Radio ads include hair care tips and new clinic inaugurations. These ads also spell out a toll free number or a number to send an SMS to for announcements.

It is not just the advertisements, sales promotion initiatives are performance oriented as well. One such initiative is called ‘Gift a consultation programme’. Under this programme, existing patients receive a coupon booklet, from which they can distribute coupons to prospective patients.

The prospective patient, who gets this coupon to any of the clinic, gets a free consultation and the recommender gets Rs 500 worth discount on his treatment.

Analysing responses

The striking feature of the advertising initiatives under-taken by DBPHCPL is that they are highly response-driven and responses are measured on a daily basis. All the advertisements, irrespective of the media vehicle, have different toll free numbers.

Once a prospective patient calls the institution, the company records the source of the number and tracks media effectiveness

Once a prospective patient contacts the institution via the number, the company records the source of the number. This helps in tracking the media effectiveness as well as the effectiveness of the advertisements. “If we are questioned about the effectiveness of any ad in any publication, our back-end can tell you whether the ad is working or not,” beams Batra.

The organisations call centre records all calls in a day, and by afternoon, they know the trend of the day. It is the call centre which fixes appointments across the country.

This way the clinic can analyse the exact number of patients that visit a clinic on a particular day. Therefore, the call centre doubles up as a data collection centre which evaluates the efficacy of advertisements on the basis of the number of patients who visited them.

Emphasising positive health

DBPHCPL ‘s ads bring out the positive health aspect and the clinics emphasise it. At DBPHCPL, doctors try to help patients arrive at a sense of well being within themselves by not only concentrating on the physical ailment but also looking at the mental and emotional health.

“Today’s younger generation is more image conscious than ever before and is gripped by lifestyle-related ailments like diabetes,hypertension and stress. At Dr Batra’s, we treat accordingly,” explains the doctor. “That’s why we believe it is a positive health clinic rather than just a regular homeopathy clinic,” he adds.

Managing the clinics

Managing 43 clinics across 15 cities is not a simple task and logistics step in where complexity arises. None of the clinics is franchised and hence the quality of treatment is uniform. Such quality control and standardisation is ensured by a strong back office. The back office manages the patient review system and a centralised call centre takes care of the communications. IT captures patient data effectively in terms of patient history and current treatment, and updates the database with the developments. The cases are recorded in a systematic pre-determined format and are accessible to doctors across clinics. The call centres remind patients about their pending as well as missed appointments and helps them to fix new ones.

Total patient satisfaction is the mantra for the success of DBPHCPL. Indeed, the institution is a trendsetter in the medical fraternity by being the first to advertise something so serious as homeopathy treatment yet not trivialise it. Added to that, they also have the first-mover’s advantage. With huge budgets for brand promotion campaigns, this organisation has a lot going for it.