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Product Launches

Filter presses

G P Filtech Engineers is a leading manufacturer of filter presses. The machine is preferably used to separate solids from liquid or vice-versa under pressure. The company manufactures recess as well as plate and frame type presses in different MOC like CI, PP, SS. Sizes available are 250mmx250mm to 1200mmx1200mm. Closing device available are capstain, ratchet and hydraulic.
The filter presses find applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, dyesl, fertiliser, sugar, brewery, oil refining, electroplating, inorganic chemical biochemical etc.

The company supplies all types of spares for filter presses and hydraulic cylinder power pack. The company also undertake jobs for maintenance of filter presses.

Tel: 91-22-28521759/23000780

Labelling machines

Maharshi Udyog, Ahmedabad, offers for round (different dia)/perfect square containers labelling system which is for full/partial wrap around labelling on different size of round/ perfect square containers. The unique feature of this machine is ‘No change parts required for different dia. of containers’ hence the down time is very less for change over. The machine operates at the sped of 100-200-300 containers/ min. (depending upon the label length). The conveyor can be of S.S./ Delrin slats or PVC belt. The base frame is lined with S.S. 304Q as per GMP duly matt finished. Separate drives for conveyor, wrap around and space creator is useful for precise labelling on multi product with different label size. For dedicated product line, single POT speed synchronisation is also available as an option on demand.

Tel: 079-6563612, 6402816, 6441079
Fax: 079-6425456

ROPP cap sealing machine

Full Automatic Four heads and Eight heads ROPP Cap Sealing Machine. Machines suitable for Liquid or Dry Powder line with output of 150 and 250 bottles per minutes.

Salient Features:

  • Fully stainless Steel Finish to avoid corrosion and easy for cleaning.

  • Variable Speed Drive System to match the entire line.

  • Synchronised operation of Star Wheel, Sealing Head and Conveyor Belt.

Tel: 079-2770475, 2761462/2466 Fax: 079-2762466


Chelant passivation

K-2 Bio Passiv Cleaner is a nitric acid free, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous chelant passivation (cleaning chemical) for pharma, food-dairy, beverages and cosmetic industries.


  • Improved and faster removal of free iron from the surfaces

  • Optimum corrosion resistance of process piping and equipment

  • An ideal depth improvement of the passive layer optimising chrome iron ratio on the surfaces

  • It provides a clean and non-rusting surface

  • Useful for cleaning in pre-operational maintenance and post-operational stainless steel process systems

  • Increases corrosion resistance when applied on pickled and electropolished surfaces

  • An absolutely environmentally safe chemistry that also offers ease of disposal in the sewage system

Tel: 23005205, 23097759 Fax: 23005206, 24300185

Continuous motion cartoner

It is a continuous motion horizontal cartoning machine with a capacity of cartoning upto 180 cartons per minute. The carton is picked up from the stack in the magazine by suction and erected. It then travels on the carton chain to the push-rod station where the product is inserted into the carton by push rods moving simultaneously with the carton chain. The carton is subsequently closed at the tuck-in station and is carried out by the outlet conveyor. Batch printing is also done on the flap of the carton.

It is well suited to handle items such as tubes (It can be linked and synchronised to our tube filling machine LIMBUS 150/80), bottles, vials, ampoules, soaps, inhalers, blister strips etc. It can also be used for feeding leaflet, droppers (ink droppers or beak type). Needless to say, we have automatic infeed arrangement for each of the products.

Tel : 91-22-5693 8111 / 2652 0111 Fax : 91-22-2652 0112

e-mail :

Self adhesive labelling system

Ambica offers totally SS finish version of self adhesive (sticker) labelling system (AHL-150SA) suitable for any types of round containers, bottles, vials, ampoules, syringes etc.

The system is rugged, compact, versatile and engineered for reliability and enhanced operational efficiency. In addition, it offers advantages like microprocessor based label dispensing unit, A/C drive based speed control unit for trouble free long and handy operation.


Press coater

Cadpress IV is one of the most advance double-sided high speed tabletting press with pre-compression feature. Its convincing and robust design ensures the highest cGMP standards. It has improved features in areas of sound reduction, operator safety, accessibility for quick cleaning and product conversions. It is available in four turret configurations 45/55/69 and 75 stations. All tablet parameters can be fine-tuned during the operation of the machine from outside the tablet zone.

Cadmach Press Coater (CPC) is a 20-station rotary tabletting machine for the production of tablet-in-tablet with coated core tablets, double layer tablets and ordinary tablets. It is provided with core less rejection system and mechanical centring device which ensures good bonding and high quality of tablets produced. Provided with a pre-pressure device which consolidates granules and expels entrained air before compression. Easy change-over makes it user-friendly and fast to clean. The press is built to give maximum safety and reliability.

Tel: 079-25841491/92/93 Fax: 25842602
E-mail: website:

Automatic screw capping

  • Fully automatic.

  • Various diameter of the bottles can be handled with change parts.

  • Photo sensing device to stop hopper if chute is filled with caps.

  • Beltless stirring device with speed controller.

Table Top Ropp/Capping

  • GMP model.

  • Speed 20-60 bottles per minute.

  • Best suitable for R & D and production line.

  • Can handle ROPP caps/screw caps/flip off seals.

Tel.: 91-22-28528306/28597620/28500201 Fax: 91-22-56910144 Website:

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