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Fumeless Pickling and Passivation

A unique product for fumeless pickling and passivation on stainless steel. Features include:

  • Removes built-in corrosion from stainless steel
  • Removes scales, discolouration and ferritic contamination
  • Stops corrosion and restores full corrosion resistance
  • Removes metallic contaminants, oxide scales, rust spots and annealing colours
  • Gives a flawless, uniform, smooth contamination free, sterile particle free, passive surface
  • Get rid of welding scales without wire brushing or grinding

Tel: 022-3005205, 3097759; Fax: 3005206, 4300185

Hot Air Sterilizer

THESE Hot Air Sterilizers are made for dry sterilization of vials, ampoules, containers and bottles as well as for sterilizing powders, liquids for siliconizing. It is designed for maximum temperature of 300°C and will be controlled by electronic digital temperature controller.

Salient features:

  • Micro processor for process operations with 10 programme
  • Hepa filtered air module in inlet
  • S S Construction
  • 8 channel temperature scanning with processor
  • Mimic display on control panel
  • Door inter locking
  • Helps for fault finding
  • Cooling attachment for rapid cooling
  • Heaters accessed from non-sterile side
  • Total GMP model

Tel: 022-5776356/ 5796851
Fax: 91-22-5776356

Titanium Anodes

The Titanium Anodes are designed, manufactured for maintaining and repairing the Anode for; mercury, diaphragm, membrane, modular hypo and tank electrolyzer cells.

The company’s indepth, hands-on knowledge of anode recoating and well-equipped in plant infrastructures can help customers prolong the life of expensive anodes structures through repair and recoating, rather than replacement. Further it also expedites the delivery.

Tel: 0091-44-2780305
Fax: 0091-44-2264559

DR/2500 Spectrophotometer

ODYSSEY water quality spectrophotometer is an innovative water analysis instrument for measurement of water, wastewater and boiler and cooling water. The new technology behind Odyssey focuses on:

  • A water quality instrument with all best features of an expensive scanning spectrophotometer cum pH meter built into a sleek enclosure at an affordable cost.
  • Touch screen computer interface, gives fast control over instrument operation and easily navigate to the test method
  • Advanced concentric Polychromator optics has no moving parts to wear out or to be replaced and provides significantly reduced stray light.
  • Highly versatile, flexible/ self adjusting sample compartment to accommodate verity of multiple round sample cells.
  • Result modes transmittance, absorbance, concentration, ph, mV, and temperature, plus optional wavelength scan and time course graphs/kinetics.

Meets GLP guidelines. Download stored information into computer as a standard report format or printer through the RS-232 connection.

Tel: 040-3302526
Fax: 040-3325760

Advanced solution for water monitoring

FOR environmental monitoring systems, YSI offers multi parameter instruments and accessories for any sampling, profiling and logging application. As experts in sensor technology, YSI has engineered these unit with small probe design and highly accurate sensing for simultaneous monitoring of a wide range of parameter like pH, ORP, DO, conductivity, specific conductance, TDS, temperature, resistivity, turbidity, vented level, non-vented level, ammonia, nitrate, salinity and other parameters. Flash memory prevents data loss while battery power options offer long term deployment upto 120 days. Instrument software is easily upgradable for future requirements. RS 232 and SDI-12 are standard for easy interface with computers and data collection platforms. All YSI 6-series units interface with versatile YSI 650 handheld display for easy field calibration, logging and data transfer. Ecowatch for Windows software enables quick and easy data processing and analysis. YSI 6-series instruments are suitable for well monitoring, spot checking, remote data collection, unattended monitoring.

Tel: 040-3302526
Fax: 040-3325760

Glass Tube/ Acrylic Body Rotameter

The range of Glass Tube/ Acrylic Body Rotameters are used for the measurement of fluid/ gas flow rate through pipe lines. The Rotameter works on variable cross section which are of glass tube (metering tube).

The Glass Tube Rotameter has a unique design to withstand tough quality conditions. This metering tube is shielded from all sides with clear front and rear visibility.

Gland packing construction provides tension free tube installation and perfect stoppage of leaking. The tube and float are easily interchangable. Various options for construction and material of construction of wetted parts for the wide range of applications. The rotameter has linear scale accuracy with 10:1 rangebility also has face height 500 mm and two tone powder coating and low cost with fastest delivery.

Telefax: 91-265-636795

Sheets, Coils, Pipes and Fittings

The manufacturers of the stainless steel sheets, coils, pipes and fittings are the leading importer of stainless steel. Supplying to customers all over India for the last 20 years, the company assures the rates to be competitive to procure material with favourable terms and conditions. The company is also provides pipes and fittings and 310, 410, 904L, iconal, monal, aluminium and nickle, lead and coppernickle etc. It specializes in polish pipes and sheets in bright matt finish for decorative purpose. Further, the company also provides guidance in purchase of entire project requirement.

Tel: 022-2357572
Fax: 022-3828249

Blister Packing

The Blister Packing has the following advantages:

  • No compressor required to operate the machine
  • Chilled water unit is inbuilt in the machine
  • Easily replaceable change parts for different products
  • The speed of the machine is infinitely variable
  • Edge to edge cutting reduces wastage
  • Superior blister quality at all speeds
  • Uniform heating and uniform forming by contact heating system
  • Compact, rigid and easy to handle machine

Tel: 022-8502151
Telefax: 022-8526477/ 6942972