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THE Clean-Zone is a washable, dust-collecting floor covering. It is supplied in a standard width of 2.0 m in rolls or part rolls to cover the area required. Clean-Zone must be installed and is easily welded to cover large areas. Clean-Zone is tolerant to heavy loads, non-toxic and resistant to the majority of chemicals. Clean-Zone is also available with static-dissipative properties.

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WORK-Zone is a washable contamination control floor covering specifically designed to remove and retain wheel-borne contamination in controlled areas subject to heavy wheeled traffic such as forklifts, pallet trucks, large trolleys and carts.

Work-Zone provides an unavoidable barrier to the movement of contamination, reducing particulate levels in manufacturing and holding areas, and providing a cost-effective method of achieving higher product yield and quality.

Typical applications for Work-Zone are in access corridors and airlocks linking warehouses and packaging areas to manufacturing or materials and components holding areas.

Work-Zone can be installed on top of most existing floor surfaces and is easily cleaned using the Dycem Squop and Dyclean detergent or a suitable soft brush cleaning machine. Installation and cleaning instructions are available on request. Work-Zone is warranted for two years subject to installation, use and maintenance.

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THE Rotameters are ideal for the wide range of OEM & user application in medical equipment, air samplers, gas analysers, pollution monitors, chemical injector, cabinet purging etc.

The rotameters are offered for accurate flow measurement of both gases and liquids. The meter is made in clear unbreakable perplex which is a highly stable, chemical & temperature resistant plastic material. It consists of an accurately machined regular taper in a plastic block with a float to indicate the flow. They operate on the variable area principle. The standard ranges available extend between 0.5 & 600 LPM water & 18000 LPM gas with an accuracy of +/-2 per cent of FSD, in either panel, pipeline, table or pedestal mounting.

Each meter is individually calibrated & graduation marks are on the body itself. Other rotameters include:

Glass tube rotameter

These rotameters are precision flow measuring instruments designed on variable area principle using tapered tubes. These instruments are suitable for service with all available fluid including acids, alkalis, corrosive gas and organic solvents for temperature upto 150 degree centigrade with suitable selection of material.

Metering Tubes

Extra thick chemically resistant annealed and stress relieved tapered glass.

Floats Suitable for all corrosive non corrosive gases / liquids, organic solvents and are available in SS, teflon, PVC etc.

End Connection

End connection are either flagged, screwed, hosemount.

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Hot air blowers

A unique series of machines exclusively designed for lami and plastic tubes. It can perform filling, sealing crimping, batch coding, ejecting all in one stroke. Hot air blowers are used for sealing and no heaters are made to come in direct contact with the tubes and hence it gives more than double the output compared o the conventional sealing machines with heaters.

Salient Features:

Latest technology of hot air blowing mechanism working and proven all over the world.

  • Fully pneumatic and absolutely maintenance free.

  • No need to keep costlier spares as in thee case of ultrasonic sealing machines.

  • Cleaning of heater jaws is not at all required as in the case of conventional sealing machines with heaters.

  • Rotary and compact.

  • Audio visual alarm for any abnormal conditions of the machine.

  • No tube-no fill facility.

  • Production counter with memory to indicate the No 1 filled tubes.

  • All the cylinders and pneumatic components are of festo make.

  • Very low level rejection.

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Rotating type tank cleaning nozzle

The rotating type small tank cleaning nozzles comprises 3/4/5 nos high impact flat jets mounted in a rotating type body, which is driven with cleaning solvent. These jets are precisely positioned to provide complete inside orbital coverage. bearings and racs are made out of hardened Stainless Steel for maximum wear life or S.S.316 for maximum corrosion resistance.

These nozzles are widely used for effective internal scrubbing of small tank/ drums and are recommended to use at a maximum pressure of 7 kg/cm2g. The flow rates of these nozzles are 80,100 and 125 LPM for 3/4/5 nozzle tips respectively.

The nozzles can pass through 60mm/50 mm diameter drum opening depending upon the nozzle construction.

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Tank Cleaning Systems – SE 25

The new system is a state of art fully automatic cleaning fluid powered self-lubricating Turbo tank Cleaning System – ‘‘SE-25’’.

To meet the cleaning requirements of large volumetric tanks utilised by breweries, distilleries, dairies, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and petrochemical industries to achieve high cleaning efficiency and to maintain high quality standards in products, the “SE-25” is an ideal machine. It is fully autonatic, hazard free and its high impact and fast cleaning, in a definite period of time is a guaranteed means of achieving quality for cleaning tanks.

The heart of the “SE-25” is an internal hydraulic motor, powered by the cleaning fluid, which makes the nozzles perform a geared rotation around the vertical and horizontal axis automatically. The first cycle sees a coarse pattern on tank surface, density of spray

is gradually increased as a full spray pattern is laid in the final cycle. The number of cycles required for proper cleaning usually depends on the cleaning distance, cleaning procedure and agent. For easily mobilised substances one cycle would be sufficient.

The speed of the turbine is directly proportional to the flow rate of the machine. The higher flow rate will result in high – speed rotation. To control the RPM of the machine flow rate is controlled through nozzles of various orifice sizes. a choice of nozzles is available to suit tank geometry and cleaning requirements. The “SE-25” is available in an end connection size of 1” BSP/NPT/BSPT with Female inlet. It is always recommended that the “SE-25” be rigidly screwed in a vertical position with a filter fitted in the supply line to avoid any foreign particles from entering the machine , further posing a threat to the machine movement and increasing wear , hence will supply lines should be flushed well prior to installation.

The “SE-25” is constructed in S.S 316 with PTFE and PVDF the only other materials in contact with fluid. Its material of construction makes it possible to be used in hygiene environments such as food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical industries.

The “SE-25” finds its application in Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and other industries, which require automatic and stringent tank cleaning duties.

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Volumetric cup filler

Model: VF-4. For filling free flowing powders/ granules in containers/ pouches.

  • Easy and accurate adjustment of fill quantity through telescopic cups and hand wheel

  • Output upto 20 fills/ min

  • Power input 0.75 kw

  • Contact parts in SS

  • Facility for quick change over from one range to another.

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