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Digital pressure indicators

Pressure measuring instruments by Ace Instruments are state-of-the-art instruments using stainless steel sensors. Digital pressure indicators are designed such that they can easily replace the conventional dial gauges for measuring pressure more accurately arid conveniently.

The digital pressure indicator is a mains operated instruments with a 3-1/2 digit LED display for easy readability and greater accuracy. This has high quality, high accuracy sensors for all applications including steam pressure measurement, vessel pressure measurement, food (stainless steel), autoclaves, medical, hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

Models in the economy series VI-PRI pressure indicators have either built in stainless steel sensors or stainless steel isolated sensors (as per customer specifications). Different models are available for different pressure ranges starting with low pressures of 0-1000 mm W/C, 0-10,000 mm W/C, 0.1 bar to higher pressures of 0-5 bar, 0-10 bar, 0-25 bar, 0-40 bar, 0-100 bar up to 4000 bar (hydraulic) pressures.

Accuracy of all instruments exceeds +/-0.25 per cent of FS and all pressure units like bar(Kg/cm2), PSI, mm.W/C, mbar, mm. of Hg, in H2O, K Pascal are available.

Flameproof (ex-proof) Models in Aluminium LM-6 Body Certified by CMRI, Dhanbad are also available.

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Vacuum measuring instruments

Vacuum measurement using cumbersome Mcleod gauges and mercury manometers is a thing of the past with new digital vacuum indicators manufactured by Ace Instruments using imported sensors. Model AI-VAC ABS is an advanced instrument to measure vacuum in the range of 760-0 Torr with an accuracy of +/-1 Torr and a resolution of 1 Torr.

The heart of the instrument is an imported vacuum sensor, which is in-built into the instrument and has a 1/4” S.S. hose nipple connection at the rear. The instrument has a 3-digit LED, runs on 220 V.A.C. supply and can be easily connected to any vacuum vessel, pump, chamber, line, etc, using a rubber hose. Installation is thus easy and the response time for full scale reading is just 0.5 secs.

Since there is no mercury or any glass in the instrument, the instrument is extremely rugged and can be used in the most harsh environments. Models are available in panel mounting, wall mounting and Flameproof(Ex-proof) Aluminium LM-6 (certified by CMRI, Dhanbad) enclosures.

Applications include measurement at vacuum pumps, vacuum distillation, vacuum vessels/ reactors, edible oil refinery vessels, vacuum chambers, vacuum lines, food, confectionery and numerous other applications. Custom designing instruments for specialised applications is possible in the company’s in-house R&D facility.

Gauge Model (Model AI-VAC) is available for vacuum measuring range 0-760 mm of Hg to replace conventional dial gauges.

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Gas leak detectors

The GOW-MAC USA are designing and supplying Gas Leak Detectors for easy and quick pinpoint gas leaks emitting from pressurised systems. Utilising a thermal conductivity detector with signal amplification, the instruments are zeroed in ambient air and respond to any gas mixture with a thermal conductivity different from that of air. The GOW-MAC Gas Leak Detector are highly sensitive. having an intrinsically high signal to noise ratio, amplification provides maximum usable sensitivity. Helium leaks of 1 x 10-5 cc/ sec are easily detected as are refrigerant leaks of 1.1 x 10-4 cc/ sec.

Easy to operate. The model 21-050 or model 21-250 Gas Leak Detector can be operated with little or no training. Turn it on, zero and probe for leaks. As the instrument probe passes over the leak, a sample is drawn into the thermal conductivity cell. When a leak is discovered, a signal is registered on the metre. The larger Model 21-250 will emit an audible signal as well. No messy soap solutions. No system contamination. The probe is designed to reach difficult and confined locations. In close areas where several connections are grouped together the probe is small enough to pinpoint the exact problem location. Both units incorporate a high/ low switch for controlling the instrument’s sensitivity when sniffing for very small leaks.

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Centrifuges with bag-lifting arrangements

United Engineering have designed, manufactured and supplied Vertical Centrifuges with Bag-lifting arrangements for chemicals, Dyestuff and Pharmaceuticals Industries.

Special features include full diameter top lid closed and locked quickly swing bolts: The lid weight is borne by specially designed Hydro-mechanical spring cylinder or pneumatic device, so, the lid opening and loosing is achieved without much effort. Bag lifting ring positively/ instantly locked on to the basket from a single point by a special circlip device: Three point pendulum suspended spherical bearings at the top and bottom ends of suspension rods, capacity to withstand an off-balance load euqal to 4.5% to 5% of the rated charge.

The machines are very competitively priced with state of the art technology.

The company also manufactures vertical top discharge centrifuges, vertical bottom discharge with/ without scrapper centrifuges.

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Silicon transparent braided hose

AMI Polymer has recently launched import substitute, Silicon Transparent Braided Hose in various sizes. This Silicon Transparent Braided Hose is being made up from highest medical grade Silicon Rubber and reinforced with high strength glass fibre.

The available sizes are 6 mm ID x 13 mm OD, 9 mm ID x 16 mm OD, 12 mm ID x 19 mm OD, 19 mm ID x 26 mm OD and 25 mm ID x 33 mm OD. However, any sizes can be developed as per the customer’s requirement. AMI Polymer also offers Silicon Transparent Tube, Silicon Autoclave Gasket, Silicon Sheet, ‘O’ Ring in Viton/Silicon/Neoprene/Nitrile, Silicon Sponge Gasket, Silicon Door Gasket, Rubber Expansion Joint, Silicon Cord, Silicon Tri-clover Gasket, Silicon Extruded Gasket etc. etc.

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Flaker/ drum dryers

PRAGATI who have proven the records of two decades experience in Chemical Flaker manufacturing and are known for Quality. Competitive Price and Delivery in Time. We have installed 150 Flaker machines all over India for various products and various types. Special fumetight FLAKER Design for Hazardous Gases, Flammable materials and for to prevent the dusty atmosphere with custom build with full range.

The ‘PRAGATI’ Engineering Works offer a Flaker to convert molten Chemical into solid flakes. This is achieved by forming a thin layer of molten product on the outside surface of a rotating drum and causing this to be solidified by spraying cooling water from inside surface of the drum. An adjustable scraper continuously removes the solidified from the drum surface in flake forms.

It can be Mild Steel, Stainless Steel with/without Hard Chrome plating. Normally monoblock for weldable materials. This construction ensure lifelong alignment.

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