Reducing time off front end design

Reducing time off front end design
In spite of the global economic slowdown and depressed market sentiment, the pharmaceutical industry displayed higher valuations. Eric Unrau, Project Director of International Operations, CRB Consulting Engineers discusses these trends and his company’s value add to life science companies with Usha Sharma

Quintiles announces Clinical Pharmacology alliance with AstraZeneca
Quintiles has entered into an industry-leading clinical pharmacology alliance with AstraZeneca to deliver AstraZeneca’s clinical pharmacology studies across multiple therapy areas and around the globe

ACG Worldwide, India, and KORSCH AG, GERMANY, announce JV
ACG Worldwide, India, and KORSCH AG, GERMANY, recently entered into a JV to develop and produce tablet compression systems in India

Malvern welcomes new OPC specification for analyzer device integration
The release of the first OPC analyzer device integration (ADI) specification has been welcomed by Malvern Instruments, one of the founder members of the working group set up in 2008 to develop a common method for data exchange and an analyzer model for process and laboratory systems

Sigma-Aldrich signs agreement with Polyplus-transfection to offer zna oligonucleotides
Sigma-Aldrich announced a worldwide licensing agreement with Polyplus-transfection (Strasbourg, France) to manufacture and commercialise Zip Nucleic Acid (ZNA™) oligonucleotides, a new technology that provides solutions for increased affinity for nucleic acids