SCHOTT KAISHA to open a manufacturing facility at Vadodara

SCHOTT KAISHA to open a manufacturing facility at Vadodara

Sachin JagdaleMumbai

Kairus Dadachanji

SCHOTT KAISHA, a premium manufacturer of pharmaceutical containers made of neutral glass recently announced that they plan to set up a new manufacturing facility at Vadodara, Gujarat. The company was established in 1997 under the name KAISHA manufacturers. In 2008 it had a tie up with SCHOTT, an international group and one of the leading manufacturers of pharma packaging headquartered in Mainz, Germany. The company’s punch line, ‘The way you make your product is the way we make the packaging’ is evidence enough to show the dedication of the company towards the quality of the product they manufacture.

Giving details of the Vadodara plant, Kairus Dadachanji, Managing Director, SCHOTT KAISHA, said, “The features of our Vadodara plant will be such that it will be the same in terms of quality and layout as that of any SCHOTT factory in the world. We will manufacture ampoules and vials on fully automatic lines right from tube loading to camera inspection to packing. The packing will be done in clean rooms. This will raise and make available the high quality material that the Indian pharma industry is looking for today. He adds, “The new facility will be different from our previous facility in the sense that in the new facility at Vadodara we will only convert the high quality FIOLAX glass. The production shall be completely online, with no stand alone machines. The tubings shall be fed into the machines by robotic arms. Virtually, the ampoules and vials shall not be touched by human hands. Also every piece produced in the new facility shall be inspected by camera.”

At SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging, to ensure that product and service quality is on the same high level at all pharma packaging production sites, key requirements are defined and these guidelines are mandatory for all production sites. Bernhard Elsener, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging, informs, “Specification of standardline, clearline, topline products, defects definition, certifications, GMP requirements, complaints management, equipment and process qualification, requirements for product inspection and product release are some of the key factors that will guarantee high standards of the product and service.” He adds, “We want be recognised as the one supplier with worldwide manufacturing sites but with homogenous product quality and with one face to the customer.”