Scortis Labs: reaching out

Scortis Labs: reaching out

After 35 years of domestic focus, Scortis Labs is expanding its presence in the Asia region. Usha Sharma analyses the company’s plans

Knowing your potential abilities is the first step towards actually achieving success. This was the case with Scortis Labs, which commenced operations as a very small pharma unit named Continental Pharmaceuticals.

Scortis Group’s journey started in Rajashtan in 1972 under the guidance of the Founder Chairman, Kailash Chandra Khandelwal. Its potency was further enhanced by the Managing Director, Naveen Khandelwal and Directors, Amit and Vinod Khandelwal. During 1995, a private limited company—Elcon Drugs and Formulations was incorporated which was later converted into a public limited company.

“At the same time, our group purchased land of approximately 4,030 square yards in an approved industrial area to set up an ultra modern pharma unit following current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). We have established our company in the Indian pharma market and the promoters are now keen on seizing a modest share of the growing demand for nutritional supplements and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs in the Asian market. The company has a legacy of growth, contributing significantly to healthcare through its wide range of allopathic and herbal preparations,” says Naveen Khandelwal, Managing Director, Scortis Group.

“Our modern air-conditioning plant ensures optimum temperature, moisture and pressure conditions in the plant. It makes 30 air changes per hour, thereby maintaining an enabling manufacturing environment. A separate service area is provided for optimum utilisation and uninterrupted maintenance”, Khandelwal adds.

Manufacturing facilities

The company has its manufacturing facilities at Rajasthan and Baddi. The core of Scortis’ manufacturing philosophy is productivity and flexibility anchored by strict quality and safety controls. The Elcon manufacturing division has a well-equipped, modern manufacturing plant to manufacture pharma formulations mainly tablets, capsules, dry syrups, liquid orals – (allopathic and ayurvedic) at Bindayaka, Rajasthan.

Scortis is responsive to the dynamics of the market, evolving consistently through extensive research and development (R&D) and precise planning, understanding the process customer needs through constant communication initiatives. Its R&D centre is integrated with quality management systems in accordance with current Good Laboratory Practices (cGLP) norms, industry standards and customer requirements. The system also undertakes validation of equipment, processes and analytical methods. The quality control laboratory at Elcon is equipped to carry out wide ranging analysis, from simple titrations to UV-spectrophotometery with computer programmed data integration with good manufacturing, laboratory and documentation practices that assure consistent, high quality results. Its lines consist of new generation, fully automated machinery, like Fluid Bed Processor (FBE-125) of Glatt, Germany, and fully automated capsule filling machines (AF-40T and SA-9). There are separate production lines for Beta Lactum and Non Beta Lactum tablets and capsules.

The quality assurance (QA) department ensures that the manufacturing facilities and procedures are standardised to provide international quality attributes for every batch through a well documented, validated and audited system. In addition, the QA department continuously monitors and ensures standard operating procedures (SOPs) are strictly adhered to round the clock and all through the year.

“Our contract manufacturing is an excellent way to bring the product to market quickly and efficiently. Besides this, we have our own marketing activity through our group companies; i.e Elcon Drugs and Formulations which takes care of contract manufacturing activity for pharma companies like Cipla and Rajasthan Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited (RDPL). RDPL is a government enterprise. We cater to many other small marketing companies. Elcon manufactures anti-retroviral (HIV drugs) on contract manufacturing basis for Cipla, ” reveals Khandelwal.

Multiple presence

Scortis has a wide presence both in allopathic as well in ayurvedic segments. The company provides allopathic products like cephalosporins, plasma expanders, carbapenam, penicillin, fluroquinolones, macrolides, anabolic steroids, gastrointestinal, neuron rejuvenators, anti-oxidants, haematinics, bronchodilators and expectorants, protein supplements, anti-inflammatories, calcium supplements, anti-diabetics and anti-retroviral therapeutic segments. Its ayuvedic range encompasses segments spanning anti-aging agents, antioxidants, beauty and skin products. Areas include cleansing and detox, digestion, energy, general health, heart and circulatory system, immune system, joints and bones, lungs, men’s health, women health, personal care, stress and anxiety and weight management.

Going beyond

When Scortis was looking to expand overseas, Singapore proved to be its foremost choice in terms of the immediately available receptive markets and future access to other Asian markets. “Therefore we have established our retail outlet of health supplements in Singapore under the brand name Scortis Healthcare. At present this separate entity is involved in trade of traditional OTC formulations and nutritional and health supplements,” says Khandelwal.

Target Market

Revealing future plans, Khandelwal says, “To promote our market activity worldwide, we have plans to launch our online marketing website,, for online purchasing of health supplements.”

Scortis is primarily focusing on the pharma ethical market across India and OTC market of health supplements in India and Singapore and will later expand its operations to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. To tap this business, it will try to reach its targeted market through consistent high quality supply, a good knowledge of the local market and needs, lower costs and promotion of products, such as cooperative advertising and giveaway premiums, consistent follow-up service, compliance with quality specifications and regulations, and prospecting visits by the sales team.

“Besides the expansion of our ethical pharma products market in India and abroad, we have plans to launch our health supplements across the globe. We have already incorporated Scortis, Inc and Scortis in USA and UK respectively for this venture,” states Khandelwal.

Signing off, Khandelwal avers, “Our mission is to continuously enhance the health of people by supplying high quality medicines, nutritional and health supplements sourced at cost-effective prices to the utmost convenience and satisfaction of our customers.”