Sealing success

Sealing success

Kovai, a merely 10-year old company, has by now successfully installed this sealing method with one of the top known North based cosmetic company, enabling them to seal tubes in a curved shape. Known as Lucky Horse shoe design, name as baptised by them. As indicated by the company, the seal design is said to be the right one, for people who want to dress up their product in a fancy pack and build a kind of brand image with the product itself. This in return has defiantly enhanced the sales of the product over the shelf then the earlier sealing pattern. Infact their practice of having an inventory of a high cost of pre-sealed tubes imported from various parts of the world, and the hassle of filling tube from the mouth oriface (because of the non-availability of this sealing methods in India), has turn out a blessing in disguise, as this system has all the need of filling and sealing regular tube available local online.

With constant innovations and interactions with customers placed both locally and worldwide, Kovai has been developing cost-effective and reliable packaging solutions to meet today’s processed food to chemical, pharmaceutical to personal-healthcares both primary and secondary packaging demands. Looking at the market dynamics and considering the growth rate in the cosmetic and food industry, the company sees this as the right opportunity to unveil the design to this industry. The output of the machine being a fancy pack, Kovai hopes the industry to grab the machine off the hands. Well suited to fill and pack viscous cosmetics, but the idea of selling products like ketchup, shoe-polish, dairy products, into tubes, as has been in the West, can be propagated now in this part of the world too. Presently, the system is provided in a semi-automatic and low speed model. All the same, the company has already developed a design for its high-speed models, designed to handle even oval shaped type of tubes.

Kovai has been offering the KV and ALMA series for jars and tubes fillers, with an operating speed of 35 to 120 fills per minutes. V-Cart and Auto-Cart series of cartoners in vertical and horizontal form are well suited to handle products like tubes, bottles, vials, blister strips, soaps and industrial products, individually or in combination of products into mono cartons.

A complete range of machinery is available individually or in tandem, covering a wide range of product and production speeds. In recent addition, we have started offering our service for process equipment’s manufacturing of lotions, creams, liquid and ointment section; packaging raw material of Aluminium collaplasable/seamless plastic or multilayer tubes of different variants and sizes. It is truly one stop solution, rightly from the infancy of the project to the final product out.

Participating in more then a dozen of exhibitions both locally and worldwide every year, they truly strive to take their products globally. With the right methods installed, our systems are well supported by a wide network of local and international agents and distributors, ensuring that expertise and service support is always available locally. Presently, the company has is own manufacturing, after sales and service operations at various locations in India.