Sustained Growth

Sustained Growth

“We have been working very hard towards realising each and every opportunity which is there in various parts of the world”

– Saumen Chakraborty President and Chief Financial Officer

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories

In today’s competitive and globalised business environment, where ‘acquire or be acquired’ is the order of the day, companies posting even a consistent level of performance need to be lauded. Indian pharma has been making strides across the world on account of their low cost and high quality products and more recently, on account of their acquisitions. Big acquisitions mean big money. But do they translate into profitability and growth? Express Pharma, Ernst & Young and the jury, while judging the nominees on various parameters, realised that this company has proved itself on all counts that make a winner for this category. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, while leveraging on its ‘low cost, high intellect’ advantage has forayed into new markets, new businesses, taking on the challenges and growing stronger in the process. While accepting the award from the Honourable Union Minister Kapil Sibal, an ecstatic Saumen Chakraborty, President and Chief financial Officer, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, said, “We have been working very hard towards realising each and every opportunity which is there in various parts of the world.” He further said, “We are keeping this in line with our mission of providing innovative and affordable medicines to all markets and touching lives of other people.”

The Pharma Excellence Award for Sustained Growth is an attempt to recognise companies that have shown steady growth in the pharmaceutical industry, both in terms of profitability and performance levels. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories won hands down in the category for both API producers as well as Integrated players.

Matrix Laboratories

Matrix Laboratories believes that its core competence lies in development and commercialisation of generic APIs. Matrix, for the nine month period, April-December 2006, has posted a total sales of Rs 759.4 crore.

Claris Lifesceinces

Total sales of Claris in 2006-07 reached Rs 377 crore, which is a 35.61 percent increase from Rs 278 crore in 2005-06. The domestic sales of the company has also risen to Rs 220 crore in 2007-06 from Rs 194 crore in 2004-05.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

The total sales of the company touched Rs 1,199.70 crore in 2006-07, from Rs 735.30 crore in 2005-06. The company’s domestic sales account to Rs 421.40 crore in FY 2006-07.

Mankind Pharma

Mankind Pharma, launched in 1995, has posted an impressive performance in the period of 12 years. Mankind’s total sales have reached Rs 486.61 crore in 2006-07, which is a 43.17 percent increase from Rs 339.88 crore in the earlier year.